“Wind does not discriminate—it touches everyone, everything. He liked that about wind.” ― Lish McBride ― Necromancing The Stone

What can I say about this? It keep my first comments about this amazing secret world and little government of extraordinary beasts and friends.
This book is so full with general and popular culture… Chuck Norries and stuff. As the author narrates Sam’s adventures, I can picture them and imagine every single word narrated. The Gnomes (Gravity Falls style), the weird new pet, the whole woman at the bonfire (Kaguya). Everything. I think it is my Cartoon Network and general knowledge about the television and internet world that I can totally have so much fun with this book, so if you do like this kind of things, please read this book!

Beyond the fact that I liked it, I must say that “Necromancing the Stone” is too slow to the point of postponing the reading. I do not like to take too long reading a book because it makes you lose track of the plot, but damn Sam move your ass and get some stuff done!

This book focuses more on how to put Sam’s act together than on the killing of some bitchxs… I have never liked the kind of “Ash Ketchum” hero that can do it all, and he is practically the biggest and useless son of a mother. And even though Sam has some of those traits, he is not a new “Ash Ketchum” hero. Sam is the archetype of the Initiation hero. This kind of hero is the one that undergoes a series of challenges to go from ignorance and immaturity to a social and spiritual adulthood (Ding ding ding! We have a winner!). When the hero reaches this adulthood stage he becomes a member of his/her social group – The Council – Sam goes through three stages: 1: separation: he is given a role. He is forced to leave his house, and he does not know what to do with anything that is happening. 2: He starts to put everything together to take his role and to gain the trust of the pack. 3: He comes back to his new house that he was given at the beginning and now he has own his position on the Council.

I rated the book with three starts in my GoodReads profile because it took me around 59% of the book to actually get excited about the whole story, which is not good.

I suspected how the main conflict of the book was going to be resolved. This book is way too transparent, so you do not need to give it too much thought. McBride created a whole little new oldish world of monsters that she could at least develop a little bit more. I do agree with a fellow reader and friend on this. It could have been developed a little bit more. She included so many characters that could have been a great asset to Sam’s family or Sam’s army.

I would love to read an extra for this saga: “The Council” or something like that. However, I think this is my kind of Third Ninja World War wish to see this blood bath fight. I love this kind of stuff, and McBride pictured a good fight that could have been way better, but still kudos to McBride!

If you wish to check the Goodsreads profile, hey! feel free to go there! I have added below the link to the review and the rating I gave to this book.

GoodReads – Myprofile

Necromancing the Stone

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