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“Because every morning you have to wake up and be you.” ― Gillian Flynn ― Gone Girl


Gillian Flynn and her book “Gone Girl” go beyond disturbing and amazing. Thriller goes beyond the old vampire story, the killer in the woods, the ghost town. Mind-games is the new black on thriller stories, and I do not know who is playing the games if the characters of the book or Flynn.

I am going to be a little too personal on this. I have always hear about the struggle of power in a relationship, but this situation in this book is absurd. Do not get me wrong, the sickness of this book and the absurdness is what makes it a best seller and worthy enough for a movie.

Flynn show us this sick mind game, mad-man game, and twisted-brains game with the use of three third-person narrators and of course the three point of views and voices: Nick’s point of view, Amazing Amy’s point of view, and the other point of view. I will not say who is… because I hate spoilers. However, I will say that the term of omniscient narrator in one narrator is a bit obsolete compared to this novel. It is my voice, your voice, my story, your story, but our game.

Throughout the novel, one gets involved with the story and gets attached with one of the characters, but later on one feels silly for not being able to actually see the I-will-fuck-you-up-in-the-same-sick-way-you-are-trying-to-fuck-me-up game. They are a simple nuclear family… yes… nuclear and ticking to detonate. One more chess piece to the board and the game is completed, but who falls first? The King? Or The Queen?

There is no need for a referee because I can tell who the winner is.

If you wish to check the Goodsreads profile, hey! feel free to go there! I have added below the link to the review and the rating I gave to this book.

GoodReads – Myprofile

Gone Girl

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    1. I had to read it again haha to make sure what I said. You think so? I really like the book and for me it was totally mind blowing! And what you don’t agree with me? :3 I really want to know :3

      PS: I like the review now that I reread it haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, for one- I thought the story ( as a whole ) was the worst I´ve ever read. * hiding face * It was just one of those frustrating reads I wished I had never picked up. * now I´m hiding under the bed * I can´t say that I didn´t try, though. I gave it my best. Went in with an open mind and all. But in the end… I thought Amy was a glorified psycho and wanted to hunt her down myself and throw her to the wolves. ( okay, now I´m being dramatic. Lol)

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      2. I agree with you that Amy is a glorified psycho by a lot of people. At school we had to to talk about the movie and the book and the professor said that this was some sort of a deconstruction of the patriarchal system… Because the offer was changing the roles since the woman after being cheated on has the power and tries to destroy the man. But I do not agree with that I do not think that this is just deconstruction just by making Amy a psycho. Maybe the whole point of the one taking actions against white amend us is what people see as sickening… But I think that Nick is also a victim of Patrick since he was raised in a conservative state.
        Maybe I like this book than much because it was the first thriller / mystery book I have read in a long time, and because it totally tricked me… I also love messed up families… XD
        Don’t be ashame and don’t hide xD we all have our tastes haha I think maybe I ramble a bit here xD I hope you get what I meant xD
        I was at some point more inclined to Nick than to Amy to tell you that thruth… Nick was still bad enough to hunt down… And a bit too stupid xD


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