“You cannot pass!” – J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


I have too much to say and I need also to beg for forgiveness! It took me around a year and a half to finish this book. I need to ask for forgiveness not only because it took me that long to read it for the first time, but because it took me way too many years to say “I want to read this” or “I must read this!” Every time I took it in my hands, I felt some deep emotions and a need to read it.

These books are a need because they are so mainstream that if you do not read them, you are just out of the global group of people that worship this books, but being honest, this book is a must to read! It is Tolkien after all.

One of the reasons why it took me that long to finish the first book is because is so dense and with so many descriptions that after a few pages you have a whole world imagined in your head and your natural RAM has run short like my first gen Intel i3 / 4 GB RAM computer trying to understand what in the name of Jesus is Windows 10…

Now, after stating the reason why I threw away my old computer… It came the second reason why it was so hard for me to finish this book. I took too long and too many pages for something to happen. I cannot even think about the movies, I watched them when they were released and that was it. However, there I was on page 150 wondering when something interesting will happen, and then I said “There you go!!” (page 200). I am not saying that it is boring or anything like that. It is just that I am too “desperate” for new adventures. I knew this saga was worthy of the “pain” because we are talking about Lord of The Rings, so I kept on… a chunk per month… until I finally said: THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!

I love to read and check out the names on the maps on the back and front of the book. It gives this feeling or idea that these places exist! You may say “HA! That is why he took so long!” but I did not spend that much time on that… I swear.


I still remember some parts of the movie while I read the book, and I even got the chills when I read “Balrog” or when Galadriel make her entrance. I have now a different point of view regarding Legolas, Gimli, and Frodo mainly. Compared to the movie, the characters are so different at least from the first book, they may grow up throughout the books though, but I think I will be finding that out soon! It is incredible how this whole world is created. How middle earth is so vast and extensive that it even has its myth of creation, its versions of god and satan, and thousands of years of history of an exquisite universe that you can grab with your bare hands. It is so beautiful to read The Hobbit and then this book and find out all the references and all the background that I was able to understand! This book did fill me with joy and happiness!

It is so cool to see all the archetypes and motifs of the book. The wize man giving advice and support to the adventurers, the initiation hero which is Frodo and his journey not only to destroy the ring but to save the world. The Trickster who is the Dark Lord by itself linked to darkness and shadows. Besides that, he is the trickster as he literally tricked 9 man that were doomed to die. His whole plan was to control them all with the rings, and I don’t think you need more explanation on why he is the trickster. And the Ring-wraiths were such a revelation! So many things started to have sense! Why he was called the necromancer and why he wanted to have his immortal puppets.

I know this is just too general and too simple for this work of art, but I am not gonna sit and do a whole literary analysis and a thesis.

I hope you enjoyed that book as much as I did, and if you haven’t read it yet, then I swear you will be caught in the claws of the Dark lord! And indeed it is one ring to rule us all!

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    Yay that you ended up finding this awesome!! 😀 And yeah I agree about the archetypes and motifs. Great review!

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