“When hawks cry, time to fly.” ― Lissa Price ― Starters


Well, we must accept that there is always a chance that you will actually find that book that sounded great, but it was not that great, and this is why, I have this review.

The synopsis was amazing and the whole idea sounded good enough to read. Although it is another book of a post-apocalyptic society, it is not the same as we are used to read.

The author has this obsessive/fascination for the expensive life, the opulence, which distract the reader from the story and the plot. One is reading the actions of Cal, and BOOM! Then the next pages are the illogical, disgusting description of the Kardashians’ live… (Not really but almost), and I guess that is the intention of the author to portrait her life (I mean the “About the Author” is just describing where she has been and that she walked with elephants… nobody cares… well, at least I do not).

Then, this book becomes a chick flick. An obsessing with the perfect Disney life in which all silly girls wish to be Cinderella. It was a cheesy allusion to a cheesy story… I know that maybe her life is not perfect with the happy-ever after, but implying that all girls look for a prince charming to rescue them is just sad and demonstrates the lack of imagination of the author.

I thought this will be some kind of story in which the teenager saves or tries to save the world, but it becomes to be more “realistic” type of teenager, money, influences, news, politicians, not just three people running through cities trying to save the whole world without help.

The whole love story part was nice but then it became, again, a Twilight threesome in which the stupid teenager cannot chose one guy over the other. The twist at the end of the book was nice, and that is the only reason why I will, in a long future, read the second book.

I will not read this book again, and I will not recommend it… but feel free to judge it by yourself.

If you wish to check the Goodsreads profile, hey! feel free to go there! I have added below the link to the review and the rating I gave to this book.

GoodReads – Myprofile


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Thank you for reading!

Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go!

  1. Catherine Avatar

    When are you reading the second book?? I want to know if it is as “bad” as you said as this one.


    1. Satou Johns Avatar
      Satou Johns

      I am not sure… I’ve lost all hope not these two books. I have it and I should at least try to finish it, but there are way more books to read that I might enjoy. Haha


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