“People spoke in whispers, as if the war was listening” – Chris Cleave, Everyone Brave is Forgiven: Review and Commentary

Everybody Brave is Forgiven is a book that will make you cry but you won’t know if you are doing it for the comic relief and grateful interactions or for the stone cold cruelty of war and racism presented during war. – Inkish Kingdoms

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Everybody Brave is Forgiven is so magical and so cruel that makes you sigh and gasp at the same time, so in other words, it will try to kill you slowly and more than once. Cleave’s style is so precise and so neat that you are transported to the story and you might even feel the pain that some of the characters go through. Cleave creates so complex, dynamic, and round characters that starts in one way but at the end of the book they are other people. This change is not the natural kind that we go through just by being alive, the change that all these characters go through is a forced change caused by the repercussions of a cruel war that threatened the whole humanity.  

It is interesting to briefly analyze one of the themes that Cleave discusses during this book: racism. Racism is so vile by itself that one feels horrified by the constant acts of actions in society, and in this story one can totally see the hypocrisy and how double faced people is. Racism is mainly focused on the few kids that were left behind. They are discriminated for being part of the black community, they suffered this during WWII, when Hitler’s war was practically based on white supremacy and the aria race. However, how many people discriminated the black community in the middle of the war? It is always unfair and a monstrosity if that happens to us, but if it happens to a minority, just a few will care.

The title of the book is mentioned twice throughout the book and it encloses the struggle of the main characters. They all made decisions and fought the war for whatever reasons they had, and regardless of those reasons either because they wanted to go against their parents or served as expected, isn’t that enough for their sins to be forgiven? Their flaws or intentions, aren’t they overshadowed by the war they fought? They went through hell and then they fall, are they to be judged by those last actions? Or are they to be forgiven for their bravery? Every one had the right to grief and to struggle to stay sane, and that is something that nobody can diminish or belittle. Judging will always be easier than actually taken the actions that lead one to judge.

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Paper Towns

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  1. Naty Avatar

    Amazing review! This book does sound awesome and like such an emotional ride…

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Oh it is terrible but in the good way! It totally depicts the horrors of war and the beauty of humanity! 🙂

      Thank you for reading! :3

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Get To Know Me Tag – INKISH KINGDOMS Avatar

    […] Everyone Brave is Forgiven because my heart felt out of my chest when I was reading it. It was all so nice and good, for what “good” means during the war, but then all goes down to hell… and s/he is gone… Really good book! […]


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