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“There is no fear in me”― Pittacus Lore, United as One (Whole saga review)

All I can say is that I lost a friend… a 7-year all friendship finished the day I finished “United as One.” That is one friendship that I lost that I DID suffer for.

You already know our stormy beginning… and I know myself so much. I knew that after reading book 5 I couldn’t just get book 6 and wait months for book 7… These books are the ones that will make you devour them in days. 3 days I spent with each book (6th and 7th book) Once I finished the 6th book, I had to pick the 7th one and start reading. The author of these books knows exactly how to capture the audience. Just like a TV show, the ending of each book is strong enough and emotionally scrambling for you to die a bit and to look for the other one to live again. Have you ever watched a TV show on Netflix that you cannot stop from watching chapter after chapter? Well, I know you have, we all have been victims of that… these books are just like that.

I do not believe John Smith is the new era hero or the biggest and more amazing hero, but at the end he was quite a bad ass. From being a light lamp he ended up being the destroyer of conquerors. If you ever watched “Heroes”, you will love this (the first season mainly), if you love x-men, you will love this too. They are not related, they are not a copy or anything, but they deal with the same type of topics: heroes, powers, destruction, and hope are always on one single person. These books have the perfect balance between “violence”, fights, battles, and emotions.

Those kids ended up being the saviors. The title of the last book is just the compression of the whole saga and all it means. They started together, got separated, started dying, and at the end, they won… won together. I like the fact that it does not matter how strong you are, but if you fight alone, you die alone, and that happened to John Smith (that is all I will say).

I got chills every time I read the back of the book. Those few lines that gave me the goosebumps. I almost cried, I laughed and I gasped to the point of almost passing out for that dizziness… You know that I love books that keep you at the edge of the chair, couch, bed, or to wherever you are reading on, and this book does that. One moment you are all excited, then you are crying, and then you are just relieved, and they again you are crushing the book and giving all you might to that character that is fighting  his or her guts out. All books are like that. They all move to one little and excited climax. From book 5 to 7, you cannot have a break.

Do you like anime and heroes with power and exciting fights? This is the perfect friend for you then. It does not matter what the rest say, you must read it if you want to and you must love it if you feel like it.

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“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.


    1. Oh my haha I don’t know if I to a certain point suffer from OCD but I don’t like mismatched books xD but sometimes one cannot help it 😦
      I have so much love! That I am waiting for the continuity of the saga! :3 the physical book has not being published yet 😦
      I bought them throughout the years ❤ thank you :3

      Liked by 1 person

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