“…as they left the palace, nightingales singing a sad farewell.” ― Linda Gerber, Now and Zen

Linda Gerber takes us to the fantastic and millennial country of Japan. A quick and deep trip full of worldwide Japanese landscapes help us understand the struggles of a Japanese American teenager who is lost between who their parents want her to be to whom she really is.

One more book out of the list! “Now and Zen” is a nice reading for all the ages. It might be full of common topics, regular struggles, and regular teachings but its is so wonderfully reading and the experience that creates on the reader is amazing. Gerber take us to a millennial trip from the Hachiko Station to the NiJo Castle and its nightingale floor. Her own experience is clearly seen and the narration and style take us to those mesmerizing landscapes. We climb not only the Tokyo Tower and we see all the amazing lights of the sleepiness city of Tokyo, but also we are witnesses of the first sunrise of the world at the top of the amazing Fuji-san.

Even though we are present on this out-of-this-world scenarios, we encounter and deal with the normal problems of a teenage girl. They may seem regular topics such as dealing with one parents divorce, the first kiss, who one is, who one wants to be or go to. The first love of a girl that is in a country that should make her feel welcome but makes her feel like an outsider. This outsider topic can be taken to another level since we do not need to be in a different country to fell strange and out of place, and sadly that is the reality of the teenage years of this youngsters that try to find their spot on earth.

I will totally try to collect the other sagas and know the other countries. Google all the places that the authors mention since they will help you see and create the perfect image that will accompany the amazing stories of those girls that travel the world in the mission of getting to know themselves.

There are around 9 other books of the S.A.S.S. saga, so I might get the other ones later on.

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Now and Zen

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“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.



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