“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none” ― Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue

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I remember that the first time I read this book I had a horrible time reading it. I came with all the eagerness to know what happen to Jonas, and this book was nothing related to “The Giver”, or does it?

Lowry presents to us a total different kind of society from the first book: a dystopia. However, how far away is the society created by Lowry compared to our society? Isn’t our society none inclusive? Isn’t our society leaving disable people outside and marginalize? Don’t we live in a world that preaches the survival of the fittest? We see a violent and rough world not only for the disabled, but also for the rest of the population.

This world is designed for the “fittest” and for the “healthy”. If you are different, the opportunities available are minimum, and health is sold as a luxury regardless of how fit are you. So, are we leaving in a fair world? No, I do not think so. We all have different skills and are unique, with unique abilities. Just because one is different or disabled, does not make them less and that is what society makes us think.

Regarding the characters, I really like how Kira’s superiority in speech demonstrates that even when you are disabled you can be educated. She is smart and intelligent and she is functional. Her speech and vocabulary shows that she is a diamond in the rough. Another part that I really liked about the story is the constant repetition of history and the human failures just like James Thurber on his poem “The Last Flower”. It does not matter how much we fail; we always go back to the same mistake. And again, we prove that customs are not wise, and much less when one does not even know why we do it. Religion and the cross those are symbols and allusions on the text, and we see how they worship them without know what they are or what they meant.

Again, fear controls people and that is what the garment does on the novella. Fear the monsters, do not get away, do not go beyond the boundaries, do not go into the forest, isn’t that the same theme that we saw in “The Village”. Are they keeping the monsters outside? Or are they keeping us captured?

Another theme that is discussed is freedom. What makes us free? Making our own mistakes, taking our own decisions, that makes us free. Kira found that out, that she was not free, she was under the illusion of what freedom was.

I cannot wait to read the next book on this saga! “Messenger” what news will it bring? or which adventures are we going to face? This audiobook was amazing and the book was incredible (after the second time reading or listening). It was good since the beginning, but I was just to existed to know what happened to Jonas. Keep reading! And start commenting! (PS: This is one more book of my own list to read for this year, if you have not check it out ⇒CLICK ME⇐)

Check out my Goodreads profile for more updates on that! I have added below the link to the review and the rating I gave to this book.

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Gathering Blue

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Thank you for reading!

Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go

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