“You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts…but you cannot deny he’s got style…” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I think this will not be a regular review… there are so many things to talk about this book and the movie that I do not “like” or think could have been better. I couldn’t stop and I literally sit for hours and read it without doing my regular… school stuff…

Through all my childhood and teenage years I found Harry to be annoying and just a kid desperate to have something back of what was taken away from him… then I started to read the books, yes… too late but I did it at the end, and then… Harry was not that bad… I mean he was curious, normal for a kid, he heard voices from the walls, not normal for a kid, he was chased by the killer of his parents and wanted revenged, understandable… Then someone was trying to kill him… and had to train for his life!! And then the order happened… and he became the most annoying he could come to be… a teenager…

Horrible disgraceful era in one’s life… more for some people than for others… Harry is one of those. He became so arrogant, so blind, and so “nobody understands me” kind of emo… so self-centric, so individualistic… and he never ever listens to Hermione… who has always been right… but no… let’s ignore the most smart and intelligent witch… However, I have heard why all this happened, but still… for the this book he is annoying…

All of this happened because of his stubbornness and hero-like behavior that has brought so many problems lately than before… Dumbledore was amazing and more impressive than before… he cried!! Dolores… Dolores was indeed a monster and so annoying as Harry. The movie, even though the actress does a great job, does not exactly reach the level of obnoxiousness of the characters. The movie has so many changes that I still do not quite comprehend… diminishing the amount of destruction that Fred and George generated… the struggle of all the students to become the new rascals of Hogwarts… the “winning” move of Dolores over Minerva… Hagrid’s fight against the aurors would have been amazing to see!… and Dumbledore’s imposing power and bravery over Voldemort was totally threw to the trash… This one was the most disappointing one. In the movie, they show that Dumbledore struggled in the fight against Voldemort but that was so not the case… however, I like the amazing fight itself, Dumbledore vs Voldemort mostly because of the special effects… Other thing that I did not like that much was the fight of Sirius vs Bellatrix because they changed Sirius careless attitude, but I like Harry and Sirius fighting together. Nonetheless, it is so infuriating that they take away from Harry all his skills and experience when fighting the dark arts… he might be annoying but he does have the experience and the reflexes.

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Read the book and watch the movie to provide different interpretations of the same story… the order is way too big to make it fit into the 2 almost 3 hours of the movie. Good adaptation but for me not the best. I hope to finish soon the Prince which I started immediately after this one. I cannot wait for the end, but at the same time I don’t want it to finish at all!

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