“It was his own grief turned magically to song.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Every time I finish a book I feel like something breaks… at the beginning it seemed so long ago to get all the books read… but now… I am 50% done with the last book, and I feel like another friend will die…

It is interesting to see how Dumbledore’s words sink in so good with the prophecy and that Voldemort did Harry Potter his downfall… not only for the mark, the parseltoungue, his ability to “read” each other minds… but he also made Harry Potter go through an intense training for dueling and fighting… the wizarding cup. If Voldemort wouldn’t have done anything, he wouldn’t have created the Harry Potter threat that he is now. (and it took it until this book to finally realize that… -_-)

I love the fact that Harry changes in this book. He is not as mad as he was on the orders, but he is now more relaxed, calm, and “analytical” than before. There are so many details and elements left behind in the movie, but I am not gonna get there… Yet… Seeing Kreacher and Dumbledore at Dundley’s was so cool! And how Harry talk, made Slughorn go to Hogwarts! (nothing like this happened on the movie, but again the books have so many little and big details that is impossible to cover them all).  All starts to fall in place. I know the ending and how almost all the things happened, but being objective here… I see Snape trying to stop Potter from using dark magic not as a warning but more as a plea. Even at the end of their “relationship” he was trying to help Potter, pressuring him on jinxing without screaming the name of the charm. After all, Snape was protecting Harry to the very end, maybe his approach was not the ideal to get the best out of Potter… but he did try, and it is so sad to see how misunderstood he is 😦

I cannot believe that Voldemort’s origins where not told in the movie, I found that part so interesting and so important for all the happenings surrounding Voldemort and this includes the horcruxs.

I don’t think Ginny used a love potion on Harry. After all we have read, she is a fierce, powerful, bad ass, ginger, intelligent, and fearless woman AND apparently really beautiful. I see why in the movie they put them together fighting (when they destroy The Burrow). Ginny is just a teenager as strong as her mother and “some” brothers.

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The saddest part… I will say is Dumbledore and the whole potion/cave/dead part… It made cry my eyes out… And those where the most painful 100 pages that I will ever read… (so far XD)

I will say that this is my second favorite book! The Half Blood was so magnificently done, and how everything starts to change or how the story is not moving to its end is incredibly well done. The last dots were put together for the amazing ending of this great saga!

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