“Here lies Dobby, a free elf.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So many things happened in this book that I am surprised that it was just 600 pages…

Every book I read and finished came together with so much joy and happiness, but also with the realization that it was close to the end… I literally did not put the book down… I had it in my hands at all times ready to start reading…

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First the movies… Two movies… Around 5 hours and they changed so many things that were important… At least for me, haha Dumbledore conversation with Harry at the end was just like 4 minutes and could have been around 15 -_- Mrs. Weasley vs Bellatrix… I mean… Come on! The floor was hot and cracking below them and everybody stopped to watch! I swear that it would have been so damn amazing to watch McGonagall, Kingsley, and Slughorn fight the Dark Lord… That my friends would have been epic! Like Seriously! I see also that in the movie some things were added but it was just to add some extra emotions or excitement to the movie which were not that bad.

Most characters changed to some degree, but there were three characters that changed almost completely. For one, Kreacher, his and Harry’s were my favorite interactions and changes “one more master maybe for luck?” The second one, Harry. Harry counting on him as his “friend” and domestic help :3 and finally, Ron, he changes to finally understand that house elves are not too be treated as trash as all other wizards do… that is a tremendous change. (And we know what he earn out of it ;D )

I finally understood so many things from the Harry Potter world that I either did not remember or did not know hehe like the deathly hallows, why Harry didn’t die or who was R.A.B and his story. Snape… Oh, poor Snape such a martyr 😦 his story broke my heart… He was never ever happy 😦 he was always so miserable… Like if he did deserve being miserable and his dead 😦 I can’t…

I am so sorry for not starting this series before, and I don’t regret anything nor the late assignments, my professional crisis, my lack of time to study for reading this… All was worth it… The wait was worth it… All of it was worth it! Thank you for reading through my whole journey and hopefully, you had enjoyed my journey too ❤

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