“In fact, you”-he pointed his fork at me-“look like a fairy tale.” ― Isabel Gillies, Starry Night

starry night

I had this book for a while and I was so into reading it! I liked the cover so much, and it gave me such a feeling of “I will love this!”, but truth be told, it was all a lie!

This book is for the fangirling girl’s generation that worshiped Twilight. It gives me the idea that the author wanted to create the new Gossip Girl kind of girls… *sigh* I will be honest, the part that I liked most about this book was the house. Jesus the description of the house what a picture. A new yorker, persianish, and artfully 5-story house. I can imagine the opulence all lightly illuminated by lampshades… Just so cozy and beautiful.

Now, that aside, I think we see in depth the life of teenagers which is dramatic unrealistic and these ones, privileged. Why unrealistic? Because for them is either doom, perish, distraction, and out of proportion negative or just mental fairy tale… Which I hate to admit I like. (Keep reading, it all changes at the end)

I think that what I do not quite like is the… Ugh… Patriarchy’s agenda?… And I quote “I felt like I was her girl” and I said and quote from my tweet “where is your self-worth woman?” The reason I found this to be a bit outraging is how this book, whose audience is mainly teenagers or at least they aim to it, has this kind of statements… Maybe I am being too feminist here… Maybe… Just maybe… BUT keep reading…

The story gave me a filling of some sort of  Gossip Girl/Sex in the City kind of story. Gossip girl without the gossip and Sex in the City… Well with the sex I believe and cocaine… If any daughter, cousin, or niece want to watch Sex and the City… but, for obvious reasons you will not let that happen, you could let them read this title. It’s the same construction: women, boys, sex, and a group of friends, but in high school. As trivial as it sounds as trivial as those TV shows. It seems like the author wanted to add a twist or an artistic edge to the story by making it around a museum and making the Wren an artist… But I believe it all gets overshadowed by teenagers doing teenagers’ stuff.

At the end, it all seems to give a lesson of “Girls don’t believe all you hear” or “Girls you are just a teenager and not an adult to make your own decision!” but that is me trying to see the silver lining. I don’t know what to say about the ending… Why? because I wanted blood… I wanted closure but I think the main character did at some point. How got closure at high school drama? Nobody… I think that at the end I will let my nonexistent kids read this novel…MAYBE… But with guidance… “Here read this part… Understand? You have no decisions making in your life… Until you are older.” I felt so frustrated for her naiveness with the whole situation, and I would have cut the whole thing from the root… This only tells you that not everyone is your friend… betrayal! Treason!

I think she wanted the give a more mature resolution like learn from your mistakes, find your worth in yourself, and sometimes some things are a one-time thing and if you let it go you will never have it back… But some parts were so frustrating, so annoying starting from the stereotypical main 15-year-old girl and the predictable climax of the story.

If you check my Goodreads profile, you will see my big round 3-star rating… and I did that just for the silver lighting… and for the moral.. of the…novel…yes… it is a mess, I know… but you have to believe me when I say that it was so hard to read this book…

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GoodReads – My profile

Starry Night

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Thank you for reading!

Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go


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