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“I wondered how many times he’d sat here, waiting for Heroes that never came back”― Rick Riordan, The Battle of the Labyrinth

Tech Summary: Read from January 15, 2018, to January 18, 2018.

I believe I can see how Percy Jackson has grown and has matured through the books. One of the main indicators is how he has fallen in love or realize his love for Annabeth. On top of that, we see how he has kind of fall for Calypso. She who had sex with Odysseus, I believe is an indicator of how much of a teenager/man he is now. He might have not had sex with her, but we can see his morale and his maturity with this little part of the book.

Not only their quests are more dangerous but also more serious. Percy is not only saving the world but also getting to know himself, his powers, limitations, and has grown. He still plays the hero, but I guess that is inevitable. The whole Labyrinth quest happened underground and I think that is the most important quest in the creating of Percy’s identity, and here is the first time we see how close Percy and Annabeth have become after all these years together.

I believe I said this before, but I haven’t seen any Deux ex machina. I like the fact that all the story is connected. How the characters and stories seem to connect and to find their fit in the adventures of the heroes. For examen this new girl… **no spoiler** and how she is now part of the whole adventure, and how important her role becomes. Percy’s powers have reached a steaming point and he has proven that physical power and recklessness is still his fatal flaw. I like to see how even though the gods are not supposed to intervene you seem them more than usual. Nico’s role and character are one of a huge addition to the army… but whose army? I am so excited to start the last book and stay within Percy’s universe, but I am so scared of finishing it again…

So, the kingdom has given this book:

5 coronas

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The Battle of the Labyrinth

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