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Hello my book dragons!

I don’t know if I have seen a post like this, most likely I have, but I will say that this is my idea *yeii* XD Anyway, one day, I was going through the To-Read list and I found some really old books that I was not even sure they existed until… well I found AGAIN haha, so I have added 5 books that I would like to read, and I am not sure why, but if you know, let me know! haha

#5- Children of Eden

This one I don’t know how I find it, but when I found it in Goodreads it told me that the author is a youtuber… and I am not sure if that is good? or if that is bad? will this be some kind of fan service all the way? Will it be good? horrible? Bad? I don’t know, the synopsis sounds common, but the reviews are not that bad and everybody, on Goodreads, talks about the eyes… go figure… right? XD

#4 – Noah Can’t Even

Check the book here!

I like and I want to help small authors? or Small publishing companies? Can I even help? I am not that popular… anyway XD I like LGBTQI+ titles, they tend to be super sweet and like the perfect everything… as long as is not erotic… that turns me off… get it? XD However, I read the synopsis on Amazon and even the preview on Kindle and I am so into the book… but I am on a prohibition to buy books… T_T So I accept gifts… if you wanna help out here XD

#3 – Whispers

Check the book here!

The format of this cover is weird… like too long haha another Kindle kind of indie publishing book… hmmm The synopsis looks good but Goodreads fellows say not that good. It is like the story of a boy who meets another boy, but this book, the first one? has a complicated family, and the second book… has a completed secret? Same old same old… but it is $.99 so… maybe… XD

# 2 – All American Boys

Check out the book here (the paperback is like super cheap!)

This one I do remember it, I found it on Amazon… I am all about windows shopping on Amazon XD I liked the book so much, that I was this close to buying it… *puts his fingers really really close* but again… too many unread books to make the list wider… we all have the same issue, right guys? Okay, so I know this book deals with a heavy topic of violence, racism, and police violence… sounds familiar right? and it is important to read other’s perspective of life and to know about E M P A T H Y ❤ Okay, it reminds me of “All the Hate You Give” so if you read that one, probably you will like this one.

# 1 – The Name of the Rose

Check out the book here!

Again, I think we should read everything… I will read this one is Spanish… @santi9393 has it and he will share it ❤ isn’t that love? Okay, I am all about the heavy reading… even if at the end I hate it … but if I start a book, I will finish it! I know there is a movie about this and Santi recommend it and I have wanted to read it for so long! It is super big and complicated, and heavy with murder, raping, religion, and heresy? Sounds like a fun time!

So this is it for today! I quick list and I am still missing like a million books of the list… but! I will gossip some more with my book dragons! *that means you if you don’t get it XD*

If you haven’t read these books, try not to until I do… just kidding XD Do read them if you like them! and if you already have, let me know more about them! I will be happy to read your comments! If you know the author, let them know that a random guy is talking about them haha

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD



    1. Noah and the cover, and the price is really appealing! I am happy to see that I am not alone in this boat! haha
      I like the cover of Children of Eden, but what calls my attention is the author… like I wanna see how good he is he writing books XP

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    1. Tell me about it! I check the preview on Kindle and it seems good enough! the cover is totally catching… not for any kind of fixation hahaha but mainly because here in my country, we produce a lot of bananas 😀

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  1. The name of the Rose is a very complicated book. Here in Italy it is pretty famous and one of the best “modern” book in Italian, and even though the author uses a lot of archaic words it is perfectly written. The story is good but it is not written in an exciting pace. It is like reading a classical novel of 19th century (The Count of Montecristo comes to my mind even though the genre is completely different). Worth reading? Yes but I don’t know how it was translated in Spanish to be honest.

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    1. I like 19th century literature, but I will totally read it in Spanish 😀 my BF has it so at least I will be saving those $$ haha The Cunt of Montecristo is a book that I have been wanting to read also! and it is huge! Maybe the idea to write using those archaic words is to set the mood and to fit the setting 😀
      I beat Italy is beautiful! Lucky you that you are there! 😀

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    1. and it is an old movie! Right? Since my BF talked about that book, I have wanted to read it :/

      Maybe we should do some sort of a Twitter book club and meet… online? haha, that would be crazy! so that way we both read it!

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  2. Children of Eden, I wouldn’t judge a book because it is from a Youtuber. As there are genuinely awesome writers that just also have a youtube channel. But… Joey Graceffa’s last book was such a fan service, in which he made his sexuality a massive seller of the book. I didn’t agree with that, which makes me not want to pick up his newer book. But who knows maybe this will be great!

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    1. Totally, don’t get me wrong haha I don’t have high hopes for the book… I want to judge it for myself because something tells me that it was a New York Times bestseller for his “fame” and not for it being outstanding. I might be wrong or a bit judgy but I will like to read it to make sure that I am RIGHT haha
      I totally see what you mean about his sexuality, I don’t see his channel or any other thing he posts anywhere to be more about being gay and his looks… but oh well XD

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  3. I have nominated you for “The versatile blogger award”

    Love reading and I enjoy your reviews. Feel free to participate but do not feel forced to.

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