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Hello my fellow book dragons!

Life is full of different joys, opinions, books, reviews, and posts! So it is so sad when your favorite reviews go unnoticed by my fellow bloggers… T_T It is quite my fault since I arrived late to the party of blogging and some books! haha so, I have bring my girls back! My old posts so that you can check them out and comment them! There is something that I truly mean and it is that I love to talk about books and comment on it!

Sadly I do not know or have read as many books as you have, but I hope you have read or at least seen the ones that I read… I am the slow one here not you all haha so…

#1: Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant

I totally love this saga, and I have said it so many times! It is a great saga! I have my reasons why I say this! I think I am like the #2 advocate of this saga… because #1 I will expect to be the author XD right?

I agree… with some of the comments about the books! So here is the ratings!

5 coronas









For me these two are the best books of the saga! you will say “How come? Is he crazy? That does not make any sense!” but it does, and if you check my review, you will see exactly I mean!

4 coronas

I agree with the comments about this one. This book is slow and long enough to want it to stop… sooner please, I want to get to the next. I think that Tris was not as erudite as we thought, so I guess that is why the author struggle that much?


I do encourage you to check out the reviews and to comment on it! even to share it! ❤

#2: I’ll Give You the Sun

Honestly speaking, this title is superb, dreamy, lovely, and totally as beautiful as a sunny day! The topics or themes it deals with are just so recent family, death, identity, genre, sex, and teenagers. You put all this together and you add “teenager” and you totally know that this is just a ticking bomb of hormones and bad decisions. I totally love this title, the audiobook was amazing and even the narrator’s where two. The myth of the species, the looking for the other half, but this one is totally worth all the versions. This book seriously gave me global warming ❤ One of my favorite quotes of the title!

5 coronas

I’ll Give You The Sun

I do encourage you to check out the reviews and to comment on it! even to share it! ❤

#3 Starters

Honestly guys… I am happy to please with movies and books. I usually look at the bright side of everything… Mr. Brightside ❤ but this book just didn’t do it for me… I will give you the most superficial reason first… the cover… I liked this cover, but the second book was not on the same cover… was another cover… and matching cover for the second book was only available like in German or something… who does that? second reason, this title was just too try hard, full of Disney princess cliches, lame descriptions of technology because all is related to a rocket (?), the (in)famous love triangle, and the “happy ever after” ending with a Deux Ex Machina plot twist…

2 coronas


If you wish to check me out in other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD


  1. Norrie Avatar

    I’m stuck on book #1 with the Divergent stories… when i saw book 2 in the charity shop the other day, i got as far as picking it up, but then i walked around a bit and put it back. LOL. 😀 hopeless…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      hahaha I always do that! I peek something in an impulse but then I keep going and I rethink my life choices haha

      I love the saga! the books are really good! The second might be a bit slow, and on the third one… she does a weird narration but they are really good and “complex” or at least that is what I see on them XD I hope you like the “analysis” :3

      Liked by 1 person

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