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“You can have anything once you admit you deserve it.” ― Meredith Russo, If I Was Your Girl― Do you agree with the quote?

Ebook, Trans, LGBTQI+, What is trans, what is diversity, diversity.

Tech Summary: Read from March 8, 2018, to March 13, 2018.

Hello, book dragons! I am super excited to write and talk about this book! and I hope I do it correctly and that you love it! or like it, that makes me happy as well. XD

In her work “If I Was Your Girl”, Meredith Russo depicts, through fiction, the ideal life of a transsexual girl who is only looking to have a normal life while fighting homophobia, misogyny, and rejection.

Fiction is a term that I will use to describe part of the happenings in this title. Russo exposes terms and shares her first-hand understanding of a trans woman and their struggles in a non-inclusive society. The author made clear that this title is not her experience nor her life disguised as Amanda. Nonetheless, Russo educates the reader about the importance of “passing” or to be “confused” as women or men depending on your transition and identity. “Passing” has played an important role not only for Amanda on this title but also for women and men o this society. Another important topic mentioned on the notes by the author is how “privilege” Amanda is on this fictitious work as she was able to go through all the surgeries to change her body, something that just a few can afford.

The levels of uncertainty that people can deal with is minimum and when it has to do with sexual diversity, people become more aggressive than normal. This leads to the point on how homophobia transcended to misogyny and the physical assaults that Amanda was a victim of due to her sexual diversity. Trans women and men are more prone to hate crimes, rapes, and violence in general. Part of this hate and uncertainty come from the patriarchal system towards the “gender traitors”. Men who are gay are considered traitors to the system. They were given all the privileges but they gave their back to the system, so imagine how the system sees a man that is a woman, an “inferior” being.

Amanda, in her process of creating her persona, identity, and personality, had to deal with the rejection of her loved ones. The famous and torturous process of “coming out” is maximized on these scenarios and on this title. During our childhood and adolescence, we built our identity and personality, it is totally a coming of age process to define who we are. Homosexual people have to deal with that process and also to assimilate, embrace and love themselves even though society satanized their existence. People find really hard to deal with this, but imagine a society, including the parents of the kid, rejecting their own blood and flesh for some small differences. Again, because this society focuses on the differences as a negative aspect instead of endorsing diversity in all its aspects as a mechanism to strengthen the system.

I hope you liked what I wrote and that you share it with the everybody. These are topics that need a lot of exposure and education. Something that I will like to mention about this book also is the small “mistakes” in subject-verb-agreement on some parts of the story. Maybe is part of the setting and to illustrate the Tennesee culture, but that and the “If I was” instead of the “if I were” bothers my internal spell checker… XD

So, the kingdom has given this book:

5 coronas

It seems that your majesty is pleased and the knights have spoken!

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If I was Your Girl

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    1. Aww thank you for saying that ! It makes my day when people read my posts. It is refreshing, educational, simple, but captivating at the same time 😀 you might see it with a new light if you read it again!:D that happens 🙂


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