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What I like about Kindle books! Do you like them? Or do you hate them? Come and let me know!

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Good day, my fellow book dragons, followers, fans, or better said, my friends! I am going to tell you a short story… I hated and couldn’t read on digital for some weird reason… I was unable to concentrate or to feel the book while holding my phone in front of my face trying to concentrate… so I refused so badly for so long to read on my phone or any tablet.

However, everything changed. I bought a Kindle Fire -the cheap one-. Great value, small device, and with one purpose, and I thought this was it! I was going to finally be able to read… and guess what? It did not happen…

Then thanks to my amazing job, I had the chance to work with digital books, and I had to read books on digital devices… so I was literally forced to read…  and there is where everything changed: I learned to love and read on digital books. I had to use a Kindle and I simply realized what I was missing. Oh god! How incomplete my life was! I thought the problem was that I was reading really horrible and bad books, so I thought I adjudicated that to the Kindle but it was all because of me.

I learned all the features that a Kindle has, and I felt so silly for not being able to see this gold pod that I had in my hands. I even found the use of those features for school! I discovered what had been discovered already!

1. I like the dictionary feature. Tap and hold on the word and you will get the definition, the Wiki information of that word, and even a translation.

2. Then we moved to Word Wise. Oh, sweet baby Jesus! The fact that you can read and see the definition under a word make everything easier. No roadblocks, no time-consuming processes. Built up your vocabulary!

3. We then have XRay so you can find all the instances where the characters are mentioned.

4. The notes and the highlights! This had saved my life in school. I read; I highlighted; I annotated; and then when the essay came, I had the pages, the ideas, the quotes and was so easy to navigate.

5. The chapters in the menu, the freedom to make the font bigger and bolder.

6. Change the background color to help you with the brightness of it, making it easier for you to read. The new navigation interface that allows you to go within pages and then go back to where you were.

All of those features are wonderful. I have used and tried those only, but I am happy that I was finally able to enjoy the digital reading, features, and the commodity of the same.

Discussion time: Do you like ebook better than paperbacks/hardcovers and such? Or do you prefer these amazing features?

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD


  1. I like Kindles for their convenience. Ebooks are so much cheaper and I can care thousands of books in a small amount of space. (And let’s not forget reading in the dark!) But personally, nothing will beat physically holding a book in my hand, reading the printed words, and turning the page. I read better and comprehend more when I’m reading the physical copy. But I use both on a regular basis.

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    1. I am not sure if they are cheaper though… I find myself struggling to pay $10 for a Kindle book when the paperback is like … $11? Like at least for the paperback you pay for the paper, the work, and everything? with a Kindle, you save the paper? the printing? XD and yes, the space!! ❤ you save on shelves ❤
      I use both on a regular basis and I think, even though I am a slow reader, that I read faster on paper. So we have that in common! I am an old lady, I don't like to read in the dark… my eyes! haha Thank you for commenting Brittany!

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      1. You can go on BookBub nd you an email everyday with deals on ebooks. I can get one or more free Kindle books everyday. It’s very useful, especially for Kindle uses.

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  2. I got my Kindle as a Christmas gift and I didn’t use it for months. I was such a book snob lmao! Now I use it all the time because it is so damn convenient. I love it. And as much as I likee having a physical book in my hand, nowadays I tend to read more ebooks.

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    1. Well, I think that we all love to have the paper in our hands but we have to see the negative impact it has in… space, trees, waste? I am not sure, but yes, they are super convenient. It is easier to go in a bus full of people holding your Kindle and flipping the pages with one hand instead of holding a paperback and trying not to die in the try XD

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