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Reviews with or without spoilers? What do you think?

Hello, lovely royals! One of these days there was a situation that provoked the killing of multiple vassals from the kingdom! Okay, no I am kidding we didn’t kill anybody… but we had several people burned at the stick… okay no I am still pulling your leg XD we are no longer in the dark ages… XD

The reason for us to call you to this hearing is to talk about the situation of writing reviews or about books with or without spoilers!

Honestly, I am not sure why people have to explain the book, what happens, and what the characters did throughout the book to give your opinion. Now, I am not that kind of person that will flip about spoilers…

  1. If I get spoiled by accident, then I will be aware of the happenings. Now, if you come and tell me what happens because you are mean, then I will flip XD Not really, but I just rather discover and get either sad, emotional, happy or mad about the book by reading it myself. (A good friend of mine spoiled the death of Dumbledore to another friend an that was quite a situation)
  2. Another reason, if you tell the whole novel in your review, it is way too long and probably people won’t read it. We are all up to the quick news, the synthesized content that will guide us to either left or right. I like to write reviews and mentioned things but still I am not spoiling. It is different “and this character died for the selfishness of his lover in the peak of Mount Everest” to “and really bad things happened that broke my heart so be aware of landmarks.” So now you want to know what the hell! Which landmark? what are you talking about? OMG this book is full of landmarks as they are traveling the world! (this book does not exist… yet… ***takes personal note for future story***)

A lot of Goodreads reviews that I have seen are like that and I just don’t understand…

So tips to avoid spoiling stories for people…

#1 mark when the spoiler is approaching…

#2 cross the spoilers…

#3 just don’t write spoilers

#4 write two reviews (how bothersome)

What do you think? Are we being too intense by going back to the dark ages? or are we just fine because this shouldn’t happen?

Let us know!

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD


  1. I try my best to write spoiler free reviews – I hate when a book is spoiled for me, and I don’t want to accidentally ruin the experience for someone else. However with my last review, I felt very passionately about a certain aspect of the book and really wanted to include it in my review – therefore I put a warning on the top of my review and specified where the spoiler began and ended for people who didn’t want to read it. So i understand spoilers when people feel passionately. I don’t think either way is right or wrong, but I personally feel that spoiler free is better.

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    1. Live is better without spoilers XD but I get you, sometimes you want to explain something in specific and how you feel about it but the only way to make sense is by well telling what it is XD
      I think that marking the spoiler is friendly and polite haha I read a review and it all was good and then it was like ” so I don’t understand how they didn’t question that her kid was his” so from there I knew that that character for that book was pregnant… which I think it is the main thing of the book? XD (this makes more sense by knowing the book but I am not going to spoil it XD)
      and don’t get me wrong XD I don’t condemn spoilers, it is just that the less the better XD

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  2. I like to stay spoiler free in most cases but people just need to clearly mark if there’s going to be spoilers! Especially if they don’t usually do them or like you said do two reviews (lots of movie reviewers have spoilers and non-spoilers for the bigger movies!) I understand as a reviewer sometimes the spoiler is the thing you need to talk about but warnings, warnings, warnings! 🙂

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    1. Warnings! Sirens! DO NOT TRESPASS signs! Do everything within your power to avoid it from happening XD haha and yes, the most interesting parts or the WHAT-IN-THE-NAME-OF-JESUS-WAS-THIS parts of a movie and book are what we want to talk and speculate about XD
      So just be nice to people and warn them XD At work, we whispered our theories about Boku No Hero because another coworker is watching it, so… yes, I am nice ❤ haha


  3. I usually write spoiler free reviews, but sometimes there’s something I’m just dying to talk about and I put that in spoiler tags on Goodreads, but take out the spoiler and make it spoiler free when I post to my blog

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    1. haha if you mark it as a spoiler is fine! at least if they get in and read it it was under their own volition XD and there is nothing sweeter than being able to talk to someone about that itchy situation of the book or the movie haha


  4. I hate spoilers in reviews, but I’ve been guilty of making my reviews a little vague sometimes too 😂 But if I had a big problem with the book and that problem is considered a spoiler, then I hide the spoiler on Goodreads and on my blog I turn the writing white so no one can see it, unless you highlight it !

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    1. Vague and spoilers are our main pains I thing haha I try to be vague but not get into details but just give enough details for you to be intrigued… and to make you read the thing XD hey! that trick of the while letters is amazing! like hidden at plane sight XD so smart! but that makes sense you are being nice haha and I think I might have written a few reviews with some specific things that I disliked, but I don’t think they were spoilers… (?) I hope they weren’t XD

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  5. I usually write spoiler free reviews. As I hate to be spoiled myself. But when I write spoilery stuff I only do this on GR. I avoid writting spoiler review on my blog. I use the *view spoiler* option on GR to let people decide for themselves.

    I think its nice to have spoiler lines or warnings if there would be spoiler in a review. I feel so attacked when there arent hehehe.

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    1. The power of choice! that is so nice of you! Yes, I have seen the GR feature but I have never like written a whole full review there hmm maybe I should give it a try, eh?
      I siren gif will work fine XD I don’t think I will “die” or get “extremely mad” about a spoiler… as long as I still have something to get surprised about… for example: “At the end of The Deadly Hollows who must not be named dies…” that is a mini spoiler… but you don’t know when, who, or how so … that is fine (?) I think… XD

      click for the gif XD

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      1. If you’re up for it why not? I get what you say about spoilers. There are spoilers that truly are spoilers that says the how what and when then the just stating spoiler hahaha

        An adorable siren minion! 😻🙂

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      2. Yeah I think there are several layers of a spoilers haha but that would be hilarious to write the whole posti and at the end had the statement ” this post has spoilers… Sorry” hahaha that would be awfully mean xD


      3. HAHAHAHA oh my god im cancelling all social media if someone does that to me. (Not really hahaha)

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      4. I am a bit mean so picturing that would cracked me up hahaha but no no spoilers is super sensitive haha I will block the person thoug hahahah


  6. I think both is just fine as long as we are warned in advance for spoilers. If I’ve read the book and want to discuss it, then I really love the reviews that go in depth and explore all of the different aspects of the story. For example, as soon as I’m done with a book I will go on goodreads and look at all the spoilery reviews because I like seeing people dissect books.

    However, if I’ve yet to read the book, then I really appreciate it when reviews are short and concise or when we are given a warning about the spoilers.

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    1. Haha because doing that is the nicest thing to do xD And I am 1000% sure that that person that spoiles books for others will HATE if they get an spoiler xD
      Marking a spoiler is as important as recycling… JK recycling is more important… Pls recycle… XD

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  7. I’m okay with reviews with, or without spoilers… As long as I know what I’m going into when I start reading and that, if there will be spoilers in a review, it will be WRITTEN AND IN ALL CAPS OR SOMETHING so I’m not spoiling myself by accident. I hate when that happens so, so much haha. I always write spoiler-free reviews, though 🙂 Lovely discussion! 🙂

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    1. I am happy that you feel like that! I am super happy talking about this XD I don’t mind if you tell me “John Smith dies in that book”… I mean I will mind but at least I still don’t know when or how XD If you tell me that “John Smith dies in book three fighting the last monster at the end of the book”… I will flip hahaha
      We should totally mark and remark the spoilers haha enter and read under your own volition XD

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      1. Haha yes, I guess there are different “levels” of spoilers, hahaha. I need people to HIDE their spoilers or warn us like, three times, written in red, bold letters at all times or something haha.

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      2. hahahaha We should do a campaign XD and posts and all about that XD people c’mon! haha I read a review a few days ago and it had this spoiler HUGE spoiler… and I am didn’t you read me? (no that person didn’t XD)


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