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This book is a copy of this other book! Am I right? Tell me what you think!

How many times have we accused a book of being a copy, a plagiarism, a shortage of imagination from the author to imitate another book? Me? Maybe a few times when I was naive and did not know about life, literature, or books at all.

You might be avid readers and have read a lot of books, and might have thought the same, and it is not that I know it all, but we must be true and honest: Saying that a book is just a copy of another book is just illogical. The fact that other books have the same theme, topic, motif, is just showing how biased one is for one series or a novel…

Every book is unique. Why? Because every author has his own style, ideas, rhetoric, speech, vocabulary, and imagination. I might imagine a starry night, and you too, but they are completely different nights. How many people have I read said: “The Hunger Games is just a copy of Battle Royal” or “Endgame: The Calling a copy of The Hunger Games”? A hundred times. Is it true? I do not think so… Are they alike? Well… they are books, but just because they share elements or numbers it does not mean they are the same. Divergent is not a copy of the Fault in Our Stars just because they both have sheets of paper and the same actress on the cover of the book… Right?

I consider those comparisons illogical. Those comparisons or those elements that we found similar are just what Jung calls: collective unconscious. That collective knowledge, those images, archetypes that we put together in our brains and then when we recognize them somewhere… we pin them there and the rest is a copy… well… that same knowledge that we have and used to pin that book… it’s the same knowledge used by that author to write the first book, the same one that the other author used to write his own book.

I used the word “biased,” and I think that it’s one of the biggest perpetrators for this kind of finger-pointing actions towards these books. Once we have read something and experienced that love, that amazement, that life-ending finale of that lovely saga that we read will make us conclude that the rest are remotely similar books regarding the topic, the theme, the motif will never be as good as the first saga, book, or novel that we read. To make it simple:

You are an anime fan or an otaku. You love the Japanese culture and everything related to it, and you read Battle Royale because I mean is Japanese. You loved it. You bought a t-shirt. You hope for an anime. That book enclosures all you like to watch on an anime, but then someone writes The Hunger Games… and you are hurt, attacked, nauseated, and hysterical because someone wrote a book that has some similar elements to the first book…

And that is just you being biased. The first one that you read or that you “met” is the only first one that will respect and for you the rest will be just a copy. The first book changed your life, marked your life, set the bar for the coming books. However, that does not mean that you can aggressively mark a book as a copy or a reap off.

The same happens with Harry Potter. Any other book or saga with wizards in between will never be as good as Harry Potter. Why? Because Harry Potter was part of your life since little, and as they say “everything has been invented already.”

So just take a book, read it judge it for what that book says, for how that author did it, but do not compare books. You cannot compare apples and oranges just for being fruits.

Discussion time: Am I right? or am I being too intense on this? What do you think about those comments?

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  1. “Because Harry Potter was part of your life since little, and as they say “everything has been invented already.” I really like your post. I hate when people judge books by saying that it’s already been done… I mean what’s not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? I hate those comments… those are different worlds, those are different stories, and the fact that everybody uses dystopia on their books, that does not make them a copy of others.. (that is just an example).

      Better read it and then judge it by itself and how good the author is to deliver their ideas!

      Thank you for you comment! :3

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful post! I remember when Divergent first came out I kept hearing people saying that it was just like The Hunger Games and that was just baffling to me. Those two books are nothing alike despite sharing dystopian elements. I hate when people just blindly accuse authors of copying another’s work. And great example with Harry Potter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Angelica you are totally right to what you said! Even the reviews for Divergent said that Tris was the new Katniss… And I think that only meant that if you liked Katniss you will like these other books… But people like to talk, but screaming to the wind that this is plagiarism… that is another level hahaha
      And I think that there will be books that will become the turning point of literature… Like HP and THG… HP is the reference to fantasy, magic, schools, and Power… As THG was for dystopian and strong female characters… Like Twilight for vampires and love triangles… Haha they all popularized something so … There is your patient 0 xD
      Thank you for reading and for commenting Angelica I really appreciate it ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I think that people should give it a rest haha judging books by saying they’re just copies of other books is a strong statement of plagerisim haha
      Fruit analogies are the best xD

      Liked by 1 person

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