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Do you like long-series books? Or you don’t? What about us? Come and check!

Hello, lovely royals! Here I come to tell you about our contradictions with a sensitive and complicated topic!

What should we do with long-series book? (we do expect an answer, so please let us know XD)

Okay, so I love series! Why? because we love to read and know about their universe, wold, characters, and sometimes, 1 book is not enough for us to know everything we want to know!

Now, there is a situation, what if the series is too long? Well, let’s define first, for us, a series is 2 up to 7 books. I think that 7 books sometimes might stretch the story to its maximum and will make us all happy! and maybe we will still want to know more or not wanting it to finish… for example, I am Number 4. Yes, I spend years reading those books and I am so dying to read the other 2 “sequels”. Some people said that those books have already stretched the story too much, but I am fine, I love them.

So, more than 7? what about 13 books in a series? I can’t… I mean how can you manage to write 13 books of the same universe! Who can afford to get them all? well if you buy them 2 in 2 that is possible but still… that is a lot of money, too much space, and when you get to book 10 do you still remember what happened in book 1? It is like watching Supernatural in its season 700… Storytime: I bought a book that seems to be really good and I think it had an adaptation already, seems good and exciting! The Last Apprentice!

So look at the cover! A skull on the red moon and The Giver and President Coin… (hmmm I am not googling the names XD). Then, I added it to my TBR of own books on Goodreads! and I found out that there are not only 2 books… they are 13! Sweet baby Jesus! What am I going to do?

Books 1 to 8 (you see! I am missing 5 here)

You see my predicament? I mean they look really good! but let’s say that they are like $8 each… and there are 13… I have 2… and the other 11… $88… plus shipping.. and taxes… Still, I will read book 1 and 2 and then find out what I will do with my life XD

You might wonder, why is this a contradiction? Because of Rick Riordan and his lovely and amazing universe! We have Percy Jackson, The Lost Hero, The Kane Chronicles, and then The Apollo Trials!

So here we have so far 16 books! 16! ( I didn’t add the other 2 for Apollo) and will I get them? Oh yes! I have the whole Kane Chronicles already and The lost Hero book 1 <3! XD

Question time!

Do you like long series? Or do you like “short” series? Let us know!!

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD


    1. I think that if you read shorter things, it would allow you to read more shorter books than focusing a lot of time and energy on my long series… Haha but it’s true someone says down here, alot of books now come in a series… XD
      But I get it reading an 18 book series it’s too much haha

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  1. I used to love long series, but it became too much to keep up with. Some of it’s price, access and simply not caring anymore. I like shorter series, like trilogies, but I haven’t had the patience in a while to read them, even if all of the books have been published. For long series, I like the idea of expanding the universe with spin-off series, like Discworld, but then I get annoyed when I can’t get into those other books.

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    1. I think it’s the same as re reading books… Isn’t it? there are a lot of books to read, so why are we spending a lot of time one single series of three four five seven books? I think that if the whole series is out, it will make it easier because you can read them all together instead of waiting one year for the other one and then another year for the other one… XD
      And why you cannot get into those other books? :O

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  2. I prefer short series these days mostly because everything is a bloody series and I can’t keep track anymore! I have to admit to sometimes I look at longer series that I’m otherwise interested in and wind up thinking nope, sorry. To much of a time commitment right now!

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    1. That’s so true! everything now it’s a series! But I don’t know if it’s because it’s on fashion or because people want to know more about the first book so they end up doing a second book to stretch a little bit more to story. Stretch the Story like to build the world or the universe better :/
      And I don’t mind reading two books three books in the series if it’s good but if the first book is horrible, why would I keep reading?
      And sometimes I think that I just want the book to be over even if it’s series is good xD
      Like reading Game of Thrones I just read the first book and it took me a long time and I cannot imagine reading the other five books…by 2020 I will finish the series… XD


  3. I guess it is not about the length of series it is about the author’s way of telling and control of his/her world…Sometimes even trilogy becomes insufferable sometimes even 16 books series(Yes talking about Ricky Riordan) doesn’t feel long.

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    1. And I agree but I mean if you take Rick’s books they are not about the same character, right? I believe it they are different stories within the same universe, right? But you are right one book from one author can be horrible, and I wouldn’t be reading the rest if there is more than 1… But also I think about the space and the money that I will take to get all the books of a long series hahaha

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      1. I haven’t read Rick’s any book but I also haven’t hear any negative comments about it, I recently read TMI series and believe me I am sick of both characters and world, my point is that you can also get tired of the world…Urgh…The space, series took all the space and money 😀

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    1. haha that is exactly why I did this XD I try to keep away of long series, more than 7 books, but with him I am fine and I want to read them all but then I choke on the contradictions of isn’t this too much? XD

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    1. It is like reading HP! If JK would have done 4 more books, I am sure I would have gotten them… like I don’t know… Dumbledore’s Live, The Creation of Howards, How Voldemort ended up being like he is…. and stuff like that I would have gotten them XD like even if the yare like 7 more books haha (Fantastic Beast/Movies, do not count…)


  4. I don’t usually go after any type of series(budget and book shelf issue 😂) unless I really am into a series. I don’t really mind reading long series, as long as I don’t read it one after the other. I tend to get bored with the world and I always ended up hating the actual series.😂

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    1. oh do you? I actually like one after the other… well…. I have done that only with Percy, The Hunger Games, and HP haha for I am number Four I did the first 4 books and then I had to wait XD
      but yes the budget and the shelf issues are heavy situations to deal with… I am scared that my house will sink a bit for the book’s weight XD


  5. I agree with you that most of the times one book isn’t enough!! But 13 books is quite a lot!
    I love what Rick Riordan chose to do with the Greek mythology books and separate them into different series in the same universe 😉

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  6. I’d forgotten all about The Last Apprentice, thanks for reminding me. I never did finish that series. I prefer shorter series but if it’s really good I feel luke it should go up to 5 instead of 3.

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    1. Would you try to retake them? I think that I will read the first two books and then I will consider if I keep up with it or just put them in oblivion as you did haha a balance is good. 7 books seem to be a good number. haha
      Thank you for commenting ❤ and for checking the post ❤

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  7. I think we need balance. Some standalones, some shorter series and then some longer series. I am slowly working my way through discworld which has 41 so you know… I think for some series long can really work out. And in other series it does feel like they are being stretched. But that might also be a personal preference. Some people just fall in love with a world or characters and never can have enough. Like you and PJO world. 😉

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    1. yes, you are totally right. Falling in love with the characters will help you out to keep going and wanting to know more. I have “experience” with long series. I have read mangas that go up to 500 chapters and I have finished them but at the end, I am like PLEASE STOP IT NOW…. haha 41 books? that is way too much for me XD but I am happy that you are working your way through them ❤ that will be such an accomplishment! I love the balance you are talking about ❤ not too short not too long just… perfect XD

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  8. When I was younger I mostly read series, but then I began to prefer standalones and shorter series. For some reason, I find it harder to complete longer series now. Unless sequels are made just for money making purposes, I don’t mind long series – it’s just that I’m not sure if I’d have the commitment to finish it haha

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    1. and it makes sense and I agree. Sometimes the stories are too stretched to make more money and I cannot believe someone can write so many books without putting in risk their story XD
      I think I still can do series, everything now is a series haha but I am not sure XD

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