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I need your help again! I don’t know what to read from my list! Help me out!

Hello, my royalists! I am freacking out! Just a little bit haha. I am currently reading The Sky is Everywhere and I read Fahrenheit 451! I read those thanks to you all! You voted on this post Which book should I read next? Pick one and let me know! But it is that time again during this month haha when I need your help to pick another one!

So, please help me out here! You know… I like to do this haha you take a lot of pressure and I know that you will support my rambling in Twitter XD

  1. FIRST: Go to this post: Series for 2018 (Start and/or Finish)
  2. SECOND: Go to this post: Books to read for 2018
  3. THIRD: Check what I have listed, and analyze the situation XD

I have read this two from the previous post!

Now, I would like to read the following books, but which one should I read after finishing The Sky Is Everywhere? Remember it doesn’t have to be from the options below, you can check the other ones from the TBR from 2018!

#1 The Song of Achilles

#2 The Fifth Wave

#3 A Clash of Kings

#4 Little Women

Question time!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Any theories why I should read which book? or do you recommend any other book from the lists?

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD



    1. Tiana I am not sure xD last book took me like 2 months to read xD I am afraid that one will slow me down Again haha but I have to admit that I am dying to know what is going to happen now! :O

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      1. Well I like to take people’s opinions into consideration 🙂 they usually align to what I want to do haha
        I haven’t watched the show so I am all bout the books 😛

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    1. I started it a long time ago in Spanish but it was a mega old version and a few pages where missing 😦 I will see how the voting goes! But I think is time to give it another try right?
      (Invite other people to vote xD)


  1. I love Little Women but I always think of it as more of a winter read lol. I loved the 5th wave. The second book was okay and the third was ugh why lmao. It went from really good to kind of bad. I would vote for Song of Achilles. Everyone seems to love it and I really really want to read it!! 🙂

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    1. Haha a most of the more memorable moments on the book happened during winter, isn’t? Maybe that is why xD I don’t have winter here so maybe… Around Christmas time? Haha
      I have heard that about the 5th wave… I think I will leave it for the last book to read xD
      Song of Achilles seems to be the next read ❤ thank you!! I have also heard so many good things about the book! :3

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    1. Out of the saga or from the list? Haha awww that is so cool that you haven’t read any of these :3 I think they are or where all hyped when they came out. XD I am just out of the mainstream haha and I think I will never catch up haha that is why I find nice that you haven’t read them ( if that is the case xD)

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  2. I’ve only read The 5th Wave and Clash of Kings so it depends on what your looking for. I will say if you don’t have a lot of time or want something less taxing go with The 5th Wave. I’m interested in Song of Achilles myself soon and Millers writing in Circe was intoxicating and the story in that one did move quick so I would think the same for Achilles! Whatever you decide enjoy!

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    1. Maybe we should read Song of Achilles together ❤ I am questioning my decision of the 5th Wave haha
      Less taxing sounds great to me if I am being honest 😛 I do want to read Clash of Kings but I'm afraid that it will take me a year haha

      Thank your for commenting and for helping me! 🙂 Once I decide what I will read I will make it public on Twitter (?) And Goodre (?) Haha


  3. I ADORE Little Women, I reread it every year I love it so much. It’s a classic for sure – I typically read it in the winter though, interestingly enough. I’ve also read some of Game of Thrones (the first book…I’ll catch up eventually haha) so Clash of King’s would be my second choice.

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    1. Haha you are not the only person that mentions Little Women as a winter read! I will have to go to the States or to UK or someone that snows to read the book and feel what you feel haha or even to south Chile haha
      Why haven’t you catch up with Game of Thrones? I am afraid is the same reason why I haven’t XD

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      1. Not a bad idea haha. I think because the book begins in the winter, so it just feels right to begin reading it at the same time? And I read the first book but it honestly took me a year to because I kept putting it down. I was reading it on my phone and I think it was just so long and I had so much going on it was hard to make time for it.

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      2. I like the book but yes, it is heavy and complicated. And I can imagine that your phone is not the best place to read that particular book xD
        I know I hope with a cup of chocolate and a cozy blanket watching the snow fall in the little apartment I will be staying ❤ hmmm so bad that December is such an expensive time to travel xD


    1. Awww thank you! I started already :3 and I am liking it so far! It is so intense 😛 I need Circe in hardcover xD I will get it in a few days… Hopefully xP thank you for commenting ❤

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      1. Yes, I notice that it was slow… like I want something to happened and then IT happened! and I melted away haha
        I am 6 days from getting Circe! XD who is counting the days? XD

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