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What is behind erotic reading?

Hello book royalists! I have seen around so many people reviewing and commenting about erotic kind of books, but I am not sure exactly what is there to enjoy behind the “erotic” part?

The closest book to erotic reading that I have been being is 50 Shades of Grey and even… Brokeback Mountain, and I am not sure why people read that. I know that we read what we want and nobody has a word in the matter, but I will really like to know what is there.

I found the writing and the whole thematic of the book a bit moronic, and then at work, I had to review certain books and I had to read some erotic books and I just found some disturbing scenes and unrealistic events. There is always the single mother that falls in love with her billionaire boss, or the newly-moved-to-NY-city girl that magically met this billionaire… yes there is always a billionaire, or the strong testosteronic man with anger issues, or commitment problems. I even read an erotic book of demons and humans…

Question Time!

So, I do really want to know what is there? what do you like about this reading? Is there something else from it besides the steamy parts? Is it really worth the time?

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

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    1. I have never heard about that book, but I think it is good to not be so focused on that? At least for me, I would like to read… For example, so far I have read The Song of Achilles and how they imply the “sexual act” is kind of… :3/ sweet? I am not sure if they get into details, but I find that awful XD

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      1. Ohhh I had to google M/M haha that sounds nice! haha I tried to read an ARC that had a full description of actions of what happened in a Gay bar… like… do you really have to? o.o I don’t know is just… I didn’t like it XD
        well, at least I am not that alone haha

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  1. The billionaire thing is so true and it’s definitely interesting. I think it’s all part of the fantasy? Maybe. I read somewhere that 50 Shades of Grey wouldn’t have been popular if Christian was some blue-collar normal looking guy- she’d probably have had him arrested. And I totally agree. I think maybe it ties into the fairy tale/fantasy aspect of dreaming being swept off your feet and taken care of in more ways than one (hence the money/Prince Charming) erotica just adds a hefty dose of sex to the fantasy I suppose.

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    1. She would have gone to HR! haha but yes, I think it exploits the whole fantasy of not working, have money, and live the sweet life… being saved from a horrible life? I totally get that and it makes sense! I never saw it in that way 😮


  2. I don’t like to read hetero erotica because it has all those tropes you mentioned: testosterone man, jealously, billionaire, etc. I like to read queer erotica, because it’s not as … gross, I guess? if that makes sense? like I can enjoy the plot in queer books as well as the romance, but with hetero erotica, the sex is on every page and it’s so cringy and annoying lmao
    great post!!

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    1. YES! the “sex on every page” thing is annoying! life is not only that… I guess? What I find annoying is it to be explicit haha I like queer romance ❤ but maybe I am biased haha, I just read The Song of Achilles and it was incredibly sweet and lovely! but I don't think I enjoy the heterosexual romance that entertaining XD

      Thank you very much for commenting ❤

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  3. I’m a sucker for a good romance however it can be really hard to find between all of the “tropey” books out there. I read “smutty” books but I don’t actually care about that part. I tend to read them in between heavier books as “a palette cleaner”


    1. Hmm, it makes sense like to change your mood a bit… haha I don’t know I find it “meh” with all the smoothy and the sex-y parts… like I see a lot of covers of the guy semi-naked showing a fake six pack… or a couple of semi-naked women or men… like… it gives me the impression that that is the main point and focus of the book… and I can imagine the “his body was so strong and perfect. All ripped and fit for heavy lifting” I don’t know… I laugh at those parts as I don’t know how to react! XD


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