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Socia Networks to share book content? and how to gain followers? #2

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Hello Book Royalists!

Here I am, again, wondering and trying to understand a little bit more about the book community and the social media that we use to interact with our bookish friends!

So, if you have seen our posts, you can see that at the very bottom, go and check, there I have like all the links for all the social networks that we have and we use to interact with people! and I think I will share my confusions… XD

Tumblr: This one is as intriguing as the rest! I think that there are so much going on around Tumblr that it is so hard to get seem there! How do you get followers? How do you make people like your things? I try to be as funny as I can there haha also in Twitter… and I have seen people liking some of the posts… but still not as much as I have seen other people… 14567 notes on a single photo! OMG! haha, we have gotten some of our pictures reposted and that is so nice! so I want that to keep happening XD

Goodreads: You know that Goodreads and I have a love and hate relationship haha. The app is stiff as a stick, the website is fine, but all the notifications and all the things that people like and all that is too much to keep track of certain people… haha the site will not let you now properly if someone commented on something that you have written or reviewed… and still have have seen people with 67 likes in a review. So maybe I am doing something wrong there… I think that I don’t know how to use Goodreads to its maximum XD

Audible: Well this is not a social media but I review there too! and being top reviewer will actually give you certain satisfaction, right? So they used to have the following option so you could follow your favorite reviewer and so, not anymore, but still, a “helpful” vote will always be nice and will be amazing! so if you have an Audible profile, check out mine and help us be a top reviewer

Amazon: I think it works exactly as Audible. Verified reviewer, top reviewer, and a lot of people go around it, so I try to make sure that I review every Kindle book that I read there and paperback that I buy or get from there! You can even upload your photos! so if you have an Amazon profile, check out mine and help us be a top reviewer!


Besides these platforms, which other ones do you use? How do you make it out alive and notice?!

Make sure to follow us on any of the platforms!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD


  1. A social media app I’ve grown to love is Twitter! I never realized how many bookworms love using that app! It’s awesome for connecting with other people. I don’t write tweets to often, but it’s nice seeing a bit of engagement when I do. I usually only get 2-3 likes on my tweets, but occasionally I’ll get some that have around 60 likes. O_o I will never understand social media haha.

    Lovely post! ❤

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    1. We have to be connected there too xD 60 is too much and that is lovely! I have like 6 tops xD I am still in the complex study of media xD
      I love to interact with people there ❤ I really try also haha

      I will have to take a master degree in social media hahaha

      Thank you ❤

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  2. I only use twitter and I don’t really get a lot of engagement on there but it’s helpful for letting people know about my blog. I use goodreads to keep track of my books and write mini reviews but that’s it. I hear pinterest is good for views but I find it too complicated for me. As for gaining followers on my blog, honestly I just follow people and hope they follow back lol

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    1. I like that xD don’t sweat it just let yourself go with the flow haha
      Twitter is quite nice but so mysterious… One day it will just make sense… Like … Why I like beer for example xD
      Goodreads is nice for that! I like the challenge and the reviews and to keep my own track but for “relations” it’s the worse xD

      Thank you for commenting!! :3

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  3. I am currently using Twitter and Instagram. I love how I can talk to people about books and other random stuff on Instagram. Meanwhile,my Twitter is a tad boring. I kept losing and gaining followers,it was annoying at first. Now I just let is slide.

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    1. That is something I learned from youtube (yes… I watched videos XD) just don’t mind the numbers, you interact and do your little squad XD
      We are starting to use Instagram more! So I hope I see you there more! Twitter is weird… is like everybody wants to be read but not all read what others write there XD


      1. Hahaha I also saw that advice on Youtube! 😁 Which I gladly followed. I was honestly boggled by that follow/unfollow thing,that I actually started to check what is wrong with what I was sharing. Now,I just ignore and just block those who unfollowed me more than once. As for Insta,I am not a good photographer.😂 I think it is lucky that people still follow me there .I am just glad to be able to chat with other book lovers out there.

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      2. Chat is the clue to existence haha I honestly don’t quite get what people want to see on Twitter, but I am still there trying to have fun… and I think that is what matters right? 🙂 I would like to get an app that will let me know who unfollows me so that I can keep an eye on those mischievous users XD for Instagram, I am not sure if I follow you 😦 do I? and I am surprised by seeing pictures with 7000 likes and I am happy with my 50s ❤ haha


      3. I also heard of those apps that we can use to monitor people that unfollow your account 🤔 although I never actually got to try it. I just tend to remember those sneaky folks that do the whole follow then unfollow then follow again stuff. As for instagram, I am not sure if I follow you too. I better check it.In my case, I am happy as long as I reach at least 40 likes on a photo, which is rare maybe because of my dark theme.😂

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      4. That’s something I do not understand of Instagram… I think it’s that weird algorithm the people talks about… Because I don’t know if it’s me that is in love with my pictures but they don’t seem to be seen by other users… Yes I’m happy with my 40 30 likes… but as the human being I always want more xD give me your user or check out mine in this post and I will follow you back :3 I love white or dark theme pictures hehe
        I think I’ve seen those applications but I’m fine without them… the number followers is not that important but the interaction with the others… I rather that than having 1, 000 idle followers xD


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