“Hatred is tiring. Getting used to it doesn’t resolve a thing. You never get used to it.”― Marcela Serrano, Ten Women

feminist, motherhood, social science, phycology, social disposition, social studies, Marcela Serrano.

Tech Summary: Read from March 28, 2018, to July 14, 2018.

Hello, book royalists! I have come again, a few months later to publish a recommendation and a book review! Super short! if you can check it out! I get this book free as part of Amazon and its crazy ideas of giving books for free! and I am so glad I got this book! Check it out here!

Marcela Serrano has coined the title of one of the best Chilean writers, and this novel is only a small representation of her success. Serrano opens an anthology of women’s life experience. Poignant, shocking, and hopeful are a few adjectives I can use to describe this tour that covers all the aspects of womanhood – Inkish Kingdoms

Serrano’s style is simple and catching. The way the story is written depicts real live verbal narration. The way each woman talk, each chapter, is “messy” and contains so much life experience. I mean messy because we start telling our story, and that story has sub-stories, and we want to tell them all. I think the readers have to be aware that there are little “triggers” or really hard stories and events during the narration.

The ending was a bit rush in my opinion but I think I understand why they were all together, and this is one of the reasons of the 4-star rating. They all had their on story, lives, history, and they all need support and closure. If you are a fan of contemporary adult fiction and literary fiction, this book can be a good read for you.

I gave it a 4-start rating because of the social impact and implications that the author covers during the novel. How humans tend to continue in a circle repeating their patents mistakes, how society is hard and predisposed citizens to follow a trend until one member decides to break the circle. Motherhood, sisterhood, sexual freedom and ownership, sexual diversity, poverty, hard work, and abuse are day to day topics in women’s lives and we venture quickly but thoughtfully in them with Ten Women.


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Ten Women

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