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“No matter how poor he was at communicating with people, with books he could engage in deep, quiet dialogue.” ― Shion Miura, The Great Passage. Do you feel the same?

Tech Summary: Read from April 25, 2018, to May 12, 2018.

In an incredible and unique premise, Shion Miura opens not only a dictionary of words but also of simple events that will define the importance and complexity of understanding human relations, hard work, and how a love story goes beyond people falling for each other. – Inkish Kingdoms

I would be delighted to define for you this incredible work but I cannot. I just can give you a few adjectives for it: simple, complex, heartbreaking, and on top of everything, sweet.

I am impressed with this story and I admire how the author was able to convince me of the power of words and how they can convey real feelings. The story is so easy to digest and so complex at the same time. It has so many elements of Japan and feels so authentic; one step closer to Japan. The setting of the book was so regular and mundane, an office, a house, and a restaurant. The dynamism of the characters was so delicate, and one can literally see the characters growing and changing page by page, word by word, interaction after interaction. This is a book that had such a level of dedication that not reading it will be disrespectful.

I cried at the end of the book as I felt connected with the character’s and their dreams. I felt their losses and their wins, and I was able to understand completely how they felt. This story was raw and full of wishes for a better and complete future. The book deals with lexicographers and book lovers, and their knowledge was so intense that I had to stop and look in a dictionary some words that I couldn’t understand; you might see that normal, but the interesting and funny part is that I became a character of the book because they, at some point, were forced to do the same to understand.

This book is all about the definitions. It is all about words and their use and the precision of language. It is all about work and loving what you do, and to always remember those who were close to you.

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Question time:

How important is for you “precision of language”?

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The Great Passage

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  1. sounds like a great book. I love it when I connect with characters…it’s very important to me that sometimes even if the plot isn’t that great, as long as the characters speak to me, it’d be a perfect read for me. 🙂

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