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“Without the threat of suffering, we can’t experience true joy.” ― Neal Shusterman, Scythe

I am not sure where to start with this novel. It is simply incredible! A masterpiece that caught your attention from the very beginning.

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I love the premise of the perfect world where humanity overcame death… But in the end, death is needed. It is incredible the criticism of society in the novel. How humanity is made to spoil all they touch and “command”. How biases, racism, and prejudice will always be a human trait regardless of the utopia you live in. Another interesting point is how another trait has been repeating itself for the last centuries, and it is the necessity of humans to become gods. From heroes wanting to be Gods to mad scientists wanting to accomplish the forbidden; the author gives us a new version of hubris humans wanting to rule death.

This book awakens the question: is humanity born bad? Or is the society that turns humanity bad? Or is it our choice to be good or bad? and for me, the answer is that we are born neutral but society makes us.

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This story has too many touches of romance that will make you cringe, but it is also highly loaded with conspiracies theories. Its plot twists will get literally Force you to read the book to the very end even if you have been reading it for 8 straight hours. We read this for a book club and we did the audiobook instead of actually reading the paper or hardcover, but we loved it so much that we finished the second book by the next club meeting and we were supposed to discuss the second part of the book only!

The audiobook is really good and totally worth the money or the credit to use for it. The narrator was really good and it is the same one for the second one. He does such an amazing job narrating and being different characters at the time. I will recommend you all this book and the audio version!

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What do you think about this? Which would be the color of your robe if you were a scythe?

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  1. Loaded with conspiracy theories woahhh, a friend of mine would totally love this. I think I’ll go ask him to buddy read with me!

    As for audiobook. I have been listing down titles that are recommended by people I know and trust and you’re one of them now. I fully trust you with this one. I just added it.

    Neal’s book have been recommended to me fair enough and with the raves I just have to get a copy I can touch. But again being an international reader is kind of hard to acquire copies physically.. so trying out this one on audio too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should totally do it! We read this in a book club and it was so amazing, so buddy reading it would be amazing! awwww that means so much ❤ the narration was super good! and the story super catching! I am a bit slow with the listening XD but the Audible version is great! :3
      oh! where you from? yes, sometimes getting paper copies is quite difficult! :/ I hope you get to read it! :3


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