Beautiful #Bookish Props for Beautiful #Bookstagram pictures! #2

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Hello book royalists!

Okay, so I think we all are into the amazing and beautiful pictures for our lovely addiction of books, right? Please say yes if not I will feel terrible! haha Okay, so I want to share with you the list of coming soon props that we will be getting to add that inkish tone to our pictures, but more importantly, that kingdomish tone to our pictures!

We cannot be a monarchy if we are not opulent, right? Now, don’t get me wrong all these items are under a budget! So we are going to be opulent and frugal! If you wish to get any of these beauties, do it with the links we give!

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Check the previous list here!

#1. First on our crystal list!

Starting the crystal castle theme together with the earthy theme, I have another way to grow plants! We grow little plants while being fancy! and most importantly, we get to see them on our weekly pictures!

Rose Quartz Crystal Air Plant Holder/Relaxation Healing Crystal

Look at this beautiful color! To this healing and magical stone! This is so esoteric and so green and earth friendly! We can grow this little plant and still be beautiful!


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#2. Second on our crystal list!

Part of Versailles is the amazing gardens and their designs! So we will have our own little gardens with this amazing Crystal cases! Do you remember the perfection of the Crystal Castel from the Victorian era? Oh… the opulence! and the innovation!

Deco Glass Terrarium, Succulent & Air Plant (Pyramid)

We better start with the most antic and old form of a kingdom… a Pyramid! Golden and powerful reaching for the starts! We can mix earth, plants, succulent, into a beautiful pyramid terrarium!


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#3. Third on our crystal list!

We are so into the year of mermaids, pirates, and sea witches, so why not have an amazing and beautiful…

Mediterranean Decorative Nautical Fish Net with Sea Shells

Imagine your sea theme book, with that beautiful sea cover! You will love to go to the beach just to read it or to take a picture, but with this mega deal, you can do it at home!


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#4. Forth on our crystal list!

We all love candles! Handcraft candles! Artisan candles, lights, smells, colors, and forms! So this list will not stop here! Because we have some pretty candle holders that you will die to get!

Lotus Tea Candle Light Holder Capiz Shell

Okay, there is nothing as mystical, ethereal, and spiritual than the lotus flower! and what about a lotus flower candle holder? You literally illuminate your chakras! (not even sure if this is a thing but it works XD)


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So for this list selection, I cannot stop thinking about this song! I hope you enjoy it!

Question Time!

Which prop would you pick for your next photo? 

If you like the lists, please let us know so that we can keep adding and adding to our healthy addiction of book pictures!

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD


  1. fablehunter Avatar

    Great list, they all look stunning and I can only imagine how great they would be in a photo! I really like an earthy feel so the Rose quartz and air plant are my favorite from the list! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Those are great selections!! I love rose quartz! And I like all the mysterious healing powers haha I will try to share More soon!! :3

      I am glad you like it ! :3 I can only imagine to all the possibilities :3 all the photos haha

      Liked by 1 person

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