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“No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.”  ― Clive Barker, The Hellbound Heart


I was assigned this book in a class, and they said “You read it! You like that kind of weird things.” I didn’t get why they said that but I took my Kindle and started looking at the sales they had for that month, and there it was, Hellbound Heart, ready and waiting for me. There, like the Lemarchand’s box luring me and asking me to read its secrets and summon the Cenobites. I started the Kindle book, but it was not enough, I had to get the audiobook. BEST DECISION EVER! It scared the shxt out of me! The first time the Cenobites talked, I went nuts, and I had to stop the audiobook and the Kindle book and look for a chamomile tea.


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Hellbound Heart contains almost all of the mandatory elements for it to be a Horror story: “haunted” houses, magic objects, doors to other dimensions, dark characters, tension, sex, violence, and destruction. This whole story goes around the Lemarchand’s box and its secrets. Twist, click, turn, click, and then: you are doomed for eternity. Most people are scared of dying because nobody knows for sure what is beyond this reality. This novella builds in the reader anxiety, a sense of danger and dread that makes you want to keep reading. At some point, I was yelling (in my head of course) for one of the characters to get the fxck out of that place, and even prayed for that character… (not really, but the book had me on my knees). I want to add that the audiobook had special effects that disturbed me down to my core.

I found interesting how the author exposes how humans tend to play with forces that they do not understand. Yes, we all have played the Ouija and our houses have been haunted to the point of actually calling a priest to cast out the little being that was closing the doors, cracking the roof, and scaring the dog, but that is a different story. Humans not only tend to play with those dark forces, but they themselves are a dark force. We can totally see how humanity has been trying to subdue others and nature using the darkest methods possible.

I mentioned that this book deals with the darkest sides of humanity: playing with dark powers, and forces that cannot be dominated regardless of how almighty you think you are. We also have sexual and physical violence. How people for their greed and selfish desires will do whatever they want to fulfill their complexes and their need to destroy others and even themselves. One character even states the pleasure of the almost raping that she experienced with him. Isn’t this nuts? But… aren’t there people this dark and sick?

I might be getting too wild on this, but I think the Cenobites can be considered the representation of Satan on Earth. I relate them to Satan for its torturous desires. Also because after they provide the service, they will keep the soul of the person who summoned them and will tear their soul apart!

I totally recommend you this book! If you love horror stories and horror movies, this is just the best place to start.

If you wish to check the Goodreads profile, hey! Feel free to go there! I have added below the link to the review and the rating I gave to this book.

GoodReads – My profile

Hellbound Heart

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    1. The title is super good and dark! Like you have no idea haha you can try to read and listen at the same time… you will get surprised haha I did and almost died haha
      Thank you for reading! :3


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