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Indie Book Review: “Neverworld: The Great Dragon” by M. Draklore

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Tech Summary: Read from August 12, 2018, to Augusts 26, 2018.

Hello book royalists! I am so excited about this review! This is another indie review that the author contacted us for, and I am so happy that I say yes! So far it has been a great read and probably one of the best out of the indie catalog that we have read!

So follow us if you wish to check out how it went!

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Laugher, chills, and anxious desires to keep reading are the natural sensations generated by this book. – Inkish Kingdoms

This story by M. Draklore was an incredible surprise! I am going, to be honest, I was not expecting much of this story, and I was so wrong.

Letters, history, and an old world full of mythical creatures open the door to a universe of possibilities. The story starts the mysterious beginnings and comings, and it takes you to the bewilderment of a prophecy to a quest, not taken willingly, which highlights how the of the archetype of hero takes place of such a simple and extraordinary story. There were certain parts that I laughed at the interactions of the characters, and think the story lacked some development and a few pages to make it even more substantial. The world created by Draklore is infinite with possibilities, starting from the immense forest, the wars, the adventures ahead, the multiple creates and characters that did not have the time to be developed fully.

I see a lot of potential to the story. It could linger a bit more on certain topics and on the development of the downfall of the traitor, but besides that, I would totally read the second story if ever gets published.

Honestly, if you have access to it, give it a shot, it is, indeed, a nice story worth the nights! You can even read it to your kids or nephews if any!


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Neverworld: The Great Dragon

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