“I’ll say it one last time: Be brave.” ― Veronica Roth ― Divergent ― Insurgent ― Allegiant”

I read these three books like a year ago, and I read it against all popular believe that they were not good and that Veronica Roth was just spiting in my coffee.

Have you ever heard about the three archetypal heroes? There are three types of heroes and journeys: the quest, the initiation, and the sacrificial scapegoat. This trilogy and its main character, Tris, is the perfect example of the sacrificial scapegoat. This kind of hero is the one that will scarify his/herself for the wellbeing of the nation or tribe as the only way to obtain peace and redeem people’s sins. So, I just do not care about the ending or what the “fans” believe is disrespectful or just a “poor” plot twist because this is a little bit more complex than just a plot twist or a way of entertainment the simple masses.

I heavily dislike spoilers or reading a review of a book with what actually happened on the book, but there is no way to analyze or explain what I want to explain without leaking a bit of the book. I want also to let you know why I will be discussing this specific aspect of the book. I may be redundant but this is related to the ending of the book and to all the illogic complains about the last book that I just do not agree with, so I just want to share my point of view. 🙂

The main character has the affinity of Dauntless, Erudite, and Abnegation (No spoiler yet, that is in the first book like in chapter 3…) Three affinities, three inherit natures, and three books… Trinity… Power… the divinity… I will get that later (maybe). One sees the first decision, her first nature kicking in: she transfers to Dauntless, and through the whole book, she behaves as dauntless as one can be. She earns her position within her people and respect of the Dauntless. Here is where we get the typical dystopian heroin, a sixteen-year old girl that rushes to danger to save everybody… to save everybody… rushes to danger… ringing a bell? Not yet? Well, let’s move on.

Well, so first book done, we know what happened. We are all excited and sad for what happened. Now, we are in the second step, maturity, knowledge, second stage of the life cycle no longer a kid but a woman. Here, she demonstrates and proves herself as a smart person or should I say as a little erudite? She takes again the baton of the leader and the hero to sacrifice herself to protect the rest of the citizens. Please tell me that now you see it… and that actually you see a trend on the books… She proves herself to be a smart-ass to overcome all the issues, struggles, and to help the rest of the people that surrounds her. Smart enough to know what is better for her and for the rest. Not trusty at all… She completed the second stage.

Now, we do not know what is out there, so we walk. Now, our heroin is the crone, she is at the end of her journey, the third stage on life, the death, and the savior. Female Christ. Therefore, if we follow the trend, we should see that she is missing one last stage to complete. She needs to prove us, prove them, and prove herself that she is as powerful, smart, and selfless as her nature dictates. She has demonstrated Dauntless and Erudite affinities through the books, but her biggest struggle with herself is being selfless and abnegated. In the previous books or on that same book, I do not quite recall, the maximum expression of abnegation is to give your life for someone, not just someone, but to someone that you love. This sounds cheesy, but I hope you know where I am heading. It is selfish to keep a grudge since an abnegated person should not think about oneself but should think about the rest first. Forgiveness is selfless and the maximum expression of abnegation that the main character can show is to die for someone she loves, to die for the good of the people that she loves. She becomes the epitome of an abnegated person. Not only freeing herself of her power, not only reaching the last stage on her life cycle, but freeing all the people from the factions. She does become the sacrificial scapegoat.

I lied, I did explain also the trinity, the power of the three, and the symbol of the number 3. She is the strongest Divergent person they can find, so she becomes to be the trinity, and come on! Also her name “Tris” where “tri” is the prefix of the number three.

I rest my case! Veronica, I did love your books, the ending, and their complexity.

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  1. morganasbookbox Avatar

    Wow! Just…wow. What a review. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Oh my God! You are giving me live and hope in life!! Did you really like it? I think I am like the #1 advocate of Divergent haha thank you for your comments and for checking out! As soon as I get to my computer I will check fully your blog ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. morganasbookbox Avatar

        YES!! I really liked it! You have a way with words..:-)

        Meeh * wave off * no rush. My stuff isn´t going anywhere. We all have ALL the time in the world.

        Oh! But I have to warn you… some of my reviews have minor spoilers. But they´re minor. Itsy bitsy, tiny mandatory mentions I couldn´t have left out. * sigh * Everything else is spoiler free. * cracking up * Tea Time Corner has absolutely no spoilers. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Satou Johns Avatar

        Good to know! It’s not like I hate spoilers is just that I don’t think them needed? Not always? Haha at least I don’t like them on my reviews. I will totally take those ones I haven’t read that one that you mentioned but I will total it check it out and maybe you will end up on my to read from Goodreads xD
        Thank you for the comment that I have a way with words ❤ I will totally love to see the New York Times Reviews saying that about me and hiring me for the Department hahahaha


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