“I was still looking at the floor of the forest, and I was seeing again the pattern of the leaves moving across the light in the sky, and across my skin.” ― Ned Hayes, The Eagle Tree

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Tech Summary: Read from August 16, 2018, to September 2, 2018.

Hello book royalists! Okay, so this is the third installment I have read since I signed up for Kindle Unlimited, and I am super happy! I have been doing Immersion Reason for free! ha! So, I read and listen to the audiobook at the same time, and it has been amazing! So, lets see how it went with this one!

This title is part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you are members of that subscription, you can totally get it free with the audio narration, and if you are not, you can sign up here!

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“Exasperatingly beautiful” – Inkish Kingdoms

This story is not about trees and it is not exactly how to save trees. This story by Ned Hayes is narrative of how is to be in the autism spectrum and how to deal with society. The main character as the synopsis says is an autistic teenager who struggles on how to interact with his family and the rest of the world. What moves March, who prefers to be called like his father since he left him, which for me it clearly means that he misses his father, are trees… those amazing masses of carbon and sunlight that keep us all alive.

Hayes gives full sight of the spectrum of what autism is. The incredible analytical skills, the impressive memory, outstanding intelligence, and what impressed me the most, the photographic memory. All of those amazing traits are juxtaposed to the autistic symptoms such as the discomfort to physical interactions, like handshakes and eye contact, remembering names and faces, or faking interest on other subjects besides the one they preferred. Facts are the truth which is a powerful statement for March in this novel and for a lot of people. These facts are what makes trees so amazing.

March Wong, the main character, is as human as the rest of the people around him, and this is the main purpose of the book. The story is beautifully personal and, in depth, the human experience in it makes it a great and a must read. People tend to forget how unique each one of us is and see these other members of society as weird and awkward to deal with. However, understanding and being empathetic allow this autistic teenager to feel or to grasp what feels to be a regular person.

The audiobook is narrated by Will Ropp, who does an extraordinary work with the interpretation and narration of the novel. He not only tells the story but makes you feel so many things from desperation, annoyance, and happiness. XXX evokes in the reader the deepest emotions which for me makes the book great! Because it is making me feel something. I am an advocate to read outside the comfort zone and to learn something out of the readings we do, and I can testify that this title will help you understand how the mind of these people work and how to interact with them.

The cover of the book is beautiful! So it is worth to buy the physcial copy of this book!


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The Eagle Tree

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