“The aftermath of a personal tragedy”― Robyn Schneider, The Beginning of Everything

Yough Adult, roller coaster, school life, LGBTQI, gay love, love, destiny.

Tech Summary: Read from September 14, 2017, to September 17, 2017.

Okay… I am writing this from my phone so I am sorry if there are some typos… I wanted a Blackberry but it didn’t happen (thank God because I got mugged)

I will go against all the reviews and all the people that have given this book 3 stars or 3.5 even though that does not exist but I see the point now haha I don’t think this book deserves a 5 because I am not dying of love and longing or anything like that, but I don’t think a 3 will be fair… so I rated with a 4. All the characters were great and their interactions were just magnificent! And adding some more happiness, I read it in record time… ( For me at least xD)

Continuing the rant about the characters. The support ones are just… Wow… Mainly, Toby, he was such a good character, a great support all the way, and I would totally read his LGBTQQI story from college!! (This is just an idea… but I will love it <3) He is amazing, super funny, static as he does not change but he doesn’t need to :3

Cassidy was nice and amazing, and extremely smart which play an incredible role for her and Ezra’s life. I like her “rationality” and the ability to see the world beyond emotions and dropping death for the typically broken heart. Yes, she is so emotional and seems to act under the influence of pure emotions, but we have to be honest and realistic, the decision that she took goes beyond a broken heart.

Ezra was the epitome of dynamic! I think he does give a spin of 360 degrees. I support this from what we are able to see from his past, his old friends, his old saggy clothes, and the change on his lifestyle. He truly is finding himself and who he is. Typical elements that highlight this are his new clothes (finding his style), his lunch table (finding where he belongs), and his friends (who really are his friends). Coming of age in its maximum splendor! The ending, his last words are so incredible! The quote of Wild and the constant allusion to The Great Gatsby! He literally found his way to who he wanted to be or at least is moving towards.

Like Cassidy, the accident was just a way to crash some sense in his life (haha so funny)! It is incredible how the saddest part of the story is the last tragedy and how heroic and emotional it was for me… Those are the miles stones, the foundation of one’s identity.

I liked this story a lot, easy to read, easy to enjoy, has enough deepness to leave you thinking. I even learned a new world! And it is by far the best-lingering essence a book can live after reading it ❤

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The Beginning of Everything

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