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“Some things you can never leave behind. They don’t belong to the past. They belong to you.” ― Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

Hello book royalists!

If you remember this book has been in most of a few decisions that I have to make this year on what to read and when. We talked about this book in this two posts: #1 and #2.

I read pretty much all the books in those posts thanks to you, and I finally read this one! So let’s see why I read it so fast.

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With all the fanfare, Rick starts a new and addictive novel of survival. An entertaining rambling of apocalyptic proportions. – Inkish Kingdoms

I read it so fast because I want it to end! because I wanted to know how the book ends and I wanted to start the second book! While reading this book I got the same somber feeling of despair that World War Z  generated on me. This retelling of the destruction of humankind and how people ended up was quite shocking and “moving”. The Rick’s style for this book and how that style translated so well into the main character is amazing.

Cassie, the stereotypical hero of dystopian novels, was so ironically different. How can she be stereotypical and different at the same time? Style… all about the style. We have the 16-year-old girl trying to survive and goes into a suicidal mission that is stereotypical, imagine The Maze Runner. Now, how different? because she has this rambling and hysterical speech of isolation was incredibly appealing and well crafted. We have this girl alone in the woods going a bit crazy while trying to keep her life, a promise, and her sanity. She talks to herself and you can feel her despair and loneliness.

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I flew through the book and I tried to listen to the audiobook… and I was so mesmerized by the male narrator. His interpretation of Zombie was incredible! I love it! It made me think of leaving the hardcover book behind to listen to his narration. It was that good! and I am so sad that he has only narrated that book. It is worth your credit, your cash, or your visit to the library. The audiobook is really good!

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Behinds of what I mentioned, I really have fun with this book. I always like a decent dystopian and post-apocalyptic story. I would not say this book was predictable but I was able to see through it scheme and plots. I watched the movie after reading the book and I was so baffled. I don’t think that Moretz is a good actress of action movies or action roles. I don’t think that Nick was a good casting for this role either. He is more like a comedy kind of character… Evan was so different but he fit the “handsome” part. The story is quite like we read it in the book, but not the best movie.

Question time!

Did you like the movie? Or do you agree with its low rating?

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    1. I did enjoy them 🙂 it as an Allegiant kind of ending haha I read them back to back! Do you? Hmm I don’t know I mean the action packed characters are not her Forte haha for me at least xD I don’t quite get why people didn’t enjoy them or said they were bad .-. They were nice 🙂 shorter tho haha


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