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“I am not the serpent, I am the father of serpents”― Stephen King, ‘Salem’s Lot

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Hello book royalist!

I am here to be controversial! I am not a big fan of Stephen King’s book and I think that he is like 50/50… 50% great books and the other 50% they fall flat, plane, and disappointing. I think I have mentioned this before, but well… some of his titles are overrated and overhyped which might explain why they go flat and disappointing for me… or others… so I have a theory that I will explain below:

The older the book the better.

I have read 4 books by Stephen King:

First book: I DNF because I was so mad at it… Storm of the Century.

Second book: I finished it and I loved it! The Shining

Third book: I find it to be a huge intriguing waste of time… The Outsider

Fourth book: I think it was really good and keep me listening and into the book to the very end without skipping a single part! Salem’s Lot…

Now, you see there… the newest the book the worst for me (not that 18 years ago is recent but Salem’s Lot and The Shining are from the 70s and 80s). Also, I might need to explain why I like these two books. The Shining as I mentioned in another post is a great representation of Gothic Literature. Then we have Salem’s Lot were the author explicitly says that his inspiration for this book comes from… Dracula… (not that I have read it… yet! but I mean Dracula is Dracula).


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This book was so good and I love that the plot building happened during the book while there was character building! Together with diabolical events, mystery, horror, demons, monsters, and all that happened before even reaching the 50% of the book! This is a well-balanced book.

“The basis of all human fears, he thought. A closed door, slightly ajar.”

Once again, I see King at his best in Salem’s Lot. Gothic elements and inspiration from Dracula make this story an amazing and unbelievable amalgamation of classics and uniqueness of King’s style. The haunted house, the dark ghosts, the dark powers of human nature and actions impregnated in the walls of a house. The energy that corrupts not only the body and mind but also the mortar and foundation of the family’s sanctuary.

Incredible enough, the author has this amazing clash of good an evil. The demon vs the priest. I know it is dark but I enjoy greatly when good and evil fight. Like Lucifer taking Constantine and God saving him or the exorcism of a girl while the priest fights with the power of God (Names it said, NAMES!). King give us the classic Vampire Hunters, the new Van Hellsing. These new hunters prooves to the reader the everlasting evil and the constant struggle of humanity to fight the innermost trait of darkness. Perfect inspiration for an excellent and thrilling story of monsters and beautifully terrifying vampires.

Also, I made a quick video with us explaning this quote! So I hope you like it!

This book reminds me of an old anime that I watched a few years ago, so here is the trailer if you wish to check it out.

Question time!

What is your favorite Stephen King’s book?

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Salem’s Lot

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  1. There’s defo a difference between books he wrote 20-30 years ago and those he published recently.
    Salem’s Lot is just so good! Even though it has plenty of characters, the little town just feels so alive and the whole thing is just downright creepy 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here I will go full fan with you! Haha it was really good and I loved the vampires and the whole myths and that get got his inspiration from Dracula. I was so shocked that they fought back and that they didn’t save shxt hahaha I believe it is normal for his books to be so different haha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite King books are The Stand, The Tommyknockers and Under the Dome (though I know people hate that last one.) Although I agree his best horror is all the older stuff. Carrie, Pet Cemetery all gave me nightmares!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I knew it was just me being… stubborn haha hmm I asked on twitter what to read next a few weeks ago and they recommended me that one, Pet Sematary… I am gonna add it to the TBR from Audible hahaha
      The Stand and Underr the Dome are way toooo loooong haha but I will keep those in mind :3

      Thank you for coming and recommends :3


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