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Inkish’s Year in Books – According to Goodreads! 2018

You know that I love and… don´t love Goodreads! I am so happy to see my year in books for 2018! and check out how much my year has changed regarding books! I read 16,482 pages across 51 books! contrary to last year —-> Inkish’s Year in Books – According to Goodreads! 2018! So I read like 4000 pages more than last year! and like 11 more books than last time! I am not sure how audiobooks get into this, but I will let you know manually XD

Slipstreams of HopeMarlon BundoHighly Illogical BehaviorPercy JacksonThe Biggest ScoopJeremy CutlerDile a Marie Que la QuieroAnd Then There Were NoneEvery DayThe ShiningOut of SortsIf I was Your GirlSimon vs the Homo Sapiens AgendaThe Great PassageScythe The Atlantis PlagueJuego de Tronos / Game of ThronesFahrenheit 451A World in BlueThe Sky is EverywhereThe Song of AchillesTen WomenGood BehaviorA River in DarknessLittle WomenNeverworld The Great DragonLock InThunderhead The Eagle TreeEveryone Knows You Go HomeFantastic BeastsAaru The Naturalist – Looking GlassBeneath a Scarlet SkyThe OutsiderThe 5th WaveParadigm ShiftSalem’s Lot – The Infinite Sea – The Last Star – One Man Guy – The Christmas Train – The Oracle Year- Mortal Engines – The Dangers of Blending In

Inkish Kingdoms year in books

Listening Hours!

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I listened to 131 hours and 56 minutes this year!!

And these are the books that I listed! (I am missing one but I couldn’t get it XD)

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    1. I know!!! I am dying to get to it and how he will fix this mess! And the whole tantrum of ThunderHead haha I couldn’t start one without following the second one almost immediately xD


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