Editorial Book Review: “Death’s Kiss” by Regie Khemvisay | Inkish Kingdoms

Regie creates a new dystopian tale where life is a gamble, where premeditated murder means survival, and where love is over-rated and the cause of our dismal doom. In a compilation, of prefabricated characters that will drive you mad and cliché-ish twists that will make you wonder which side are you on, Regie asks the question of what you would do to save those you love? – Inkish Kingdoms

This novel has potential and I am happy to see that people are able to develop their ideas into such good writing. The description of the book says that “The Hunger Games” fans will love this novel, and I understand why… they have almost the same formula. Besides that, I see it more related to Scythe based on “plot”. Here the system needs to survive and for that, sacrifices have to be made, and there is where all the drama starts. The author of this novel decides to focus on what is going on and leave is wondering about the previews events. The author not only plays with the characters minds and emotions, but also the readers. The main characters are lost and confused… and that is exactly how you feel because Regie does not share anything of what is going on, so bulk up and keep reading because you will be gapping like a fish out of the water after you and they found out the… truth…

While still being in the dark, I found myself rooting for the bad guys a few times and then I feel silly for doing so… there were a few moments where some cliches collided because… Luke, I am your father, but it was cleverly well written.

I found really intriguing how indie authors baptized their main characters usually with weird names… (Ryoma and Yuri). Besides that, I can say that I found myself a bit infuriated with the main characters and how they constantly rumble about their infinite and pure love. I understand the choice of the author of avoiding an “auto-romance” since the beginning, but the romance here was too much for me. I am usually not into cheesy lovely scenes. Another choice from the author was the age of the characters, 21 years old, it all goes around the theme of the book; however, one of the main characters was quite immature, naive, hot-headed, paranoiac, and overbearing as she declared herself a hero. I couldn’t point this character with any of the archetypal heroes. Also, the personality assigned to this character is quite interesting and I like the bold decision of the author as this character seems to have pre-fabricated sassiness, violent outbursts, and incessant barking that goes really good with immature tones.

This story is fast-paced and everything happens in manner of time, super fast. Hence the main characters boldness to proclaim herself a hero and savior at an early “stage” on the story. Although I might feel like this about the main characters and all the drama about their love seems to be too much and maybe a bit forced, the story is well written. There were some plot twists that I found to be quite good and not expected at all.

The ending was really good, and, honestly for a close ending…end, it had a mature tone and a bang that I was able to flavor. Incredible enough, the characters change and grow up. This was such good news since it changes the whole perspective of the book and the perspective from the writer.

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