The Oracle Year ― Charles Soule ― “None of us are meant for anything, and none of us are meant for nothing. Life is chaos, but it’s also opportunity, risk, and how you manage them.”

I read this book when it was part of Kindle Unlimited! However, it is no longer part of it. I discovered this book when I was browsing the Book of the Month catalog! So, you can get their special edition using this link.

A seismic event of Comedy Central proportions. For this, I predict hours on intriguing fun, awkward moments, and improbable events. – Inkish Kingdoms

Greatly enough, we see how the author plays not with the past but with the future. How playing with time affects all the events. I can’t help but think about the book Future Comes From Behind, where they tried to move the ripples of past events to change the present or the future. This is exactly what happens in this book, where they told everybody about the future which moved everything to a different direction, so the future was no longer possible. Alteration of the timeline, right?

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Honestly, I find interesting how the author puts one of the main villains to be a priest and how he depicts him as a fraud and corrupt human being. How he takes advantage of people’s faiths for his own good and how he manipulates all his congregation starting, amazingly, another witch hunt with mass hysteria. I am not sure if this is a loud yell of denouncing and criticizing an institution, but I find it pretty poetical… XD

Although this was quite interesting to read, I find myself wondering what to think. The whole romance out of the blue seems… weird, but it does not seem like a regular romance or a romance at all. I found like 3 things to be quite annoying that could have been done differently, in my humble opinion:

  1. The lucky corner. I had to read like 60% of the book to know what this was instead of it happening in the first chapter and then we move to the story. There the connection would have been so much strong and powerful.
  2. Time seems to fly but at the same time… (get it? get it?), it does move that fast. There is a tangible lack of time… weeks!? Months? Oh, no only days… right? The reader gets this feeling that so many things have happened but this just happened last week.
  3. I would have loved to have all the predictions at the beginning… this gives a sense of stability… not a Deux ex-machine on the way (I got this feeling). It is like writing the book with only 3 and then as time goes you go by adding more predictions to keep your plot moving and fixing gaps if any… I am not an editor, but I feel that this could have given a more solid structure

The Oracle Year: A NovelGet the audiobook here!

The story was good and entertaining! Money moves mountains and fears the masses… we see censorship from religion, manipulation from both institutions (government and church), and how all nightmares can end up being a dream.

From this book, I get one magical thing which is the ending and its setting. I want an island! I want my own heavenly paradise called: The Inkish Kingdom: a monarchical country!

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    […] the previous book are having and will have some deep repercussions! If you learned something from The Oracle Year is that actions today will change the future, for […]

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