Angelo Surmelis, The Dangerous Art of Blending In ― “Here’s the deal about never being authentically loved by your parents: The most fucked-up gesture or morsel of compassion is like a warm blanket.”

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Hello book royalists!

I don’t know if you know this book or this author, but this was quite good and I enjoy it a lot! I have seen some mixed reviews but I don’t agree with them haha

I am a bit overdue here XD but oh well… aren’t we all a bit behind?

This book was part of Kindle Unlimited! I am still trying to take advantage of this membership! So I hope you do since you will for sure save a lot of money here!

A monstrous story of raw pain and bare emotions. Greeks and diversity. Love and fear joying forces in a poignant novel of the struggles of being gay in a household of love disguised as hate and rejection. – Inkish Kingdoms

This title was so good and so raw. It had so much experience, pain, and hope. So many victims and perpetrators, so many easy outs and no end paths. From his experience, the author lets you see the faces of the Greek; he lets you see the faces of religion, the faces of the educational system, and the faces of the family Institution.

Regardless if these faces are partial, fake, or simply masks for the story, the message is clear and undeniable. Love and let yourself be loved. Abuse of any kind from anybody should never be allowed and you are entitled to fight back and free yourself. A background of violence is not an excuse and does not validate more violence.

As the story presents heartbreaking scenes and vividly denounces the dangers of blending in by means of lying and denying one’s identify, the story, as a tidal wave, reaches its conclusion with a quick, maybe too quick, a brush of happiness and melancholy. Leaving a bitter taste of impunity connected to the toxic unbeatable believe that family should always be loved and protected.

“Maybe I’m not so ugly after all. Maybe no one is really ugly, and maybe no one has the right to call someone that or tell them that they are. Maybe the only real ugliness is what lives inside some people.” ― Angelo Surmelis, The Dangerous Art of Blending In

This title is part of Kindle Unlimited and a total recommendation. Readers that look for new diverse book beyond the regular sexual relationship and coming of age can totally give a shot to this book, which it was really good.

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