ARC Review: Under the Water by Paul Pen

Paul Pen’s new novel has the potential of becoming a new Hollywood blockbuster movie. The novel has the perfect elements of suspense  that will drive Halle Berry to be the protagonist. An incredible creation of complicated characters! Anti-heroes, annoying secondary characters, and evil villains. Paul maneuvers the archetypal characters and the point of view of his story to the point of distorting the reader’s ability to pick a side. – Inkish Kingdoms

Tech Summary: Read from April 17, 2019, to April 27, 2019.

We are extremely honored to review by Paul Pen’s request and Simon Bruni’s offer the translation of the book “Un Matrimonio Perfecto”! Reviewing a book is always an exhilarated experience and when it is done for one of your favorite authors, it is even better.

Paul Pen has this incredible style and his writing is unique. This book starts a bit different from his other titles The Light of the Fireflies and Desert Flowers – which you should check because they are really good and… shocking!- but it has the same hooking ability to intrigue the reader. Pen plays incredibly good with anti-heroes and the antagonists. We usually root and read stories from the perspective of the victims and the good characters. We read stories and we pick a side; however, Pen’s books are not at all conventional, and it is impossible for you to pick a side. We, at least, were struggling so much on how to feel about the events of the book. Reading this title is agreeing to be at the edge of the sit. Reading this title is expecting to go breathless for the plot twists and it is agreeing to be completely confused with how the story evolves.

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The character development is so good and  to the point of having some Gone Girl vibes and crazy enough it is so different. The characters are dynamic and round. The characters changed throughout the story to the point of being unrecognizable. The characters are modern and relatable, and one character in specific stressed me to the limit… but I think that is expected for how good that character was created. This book is incredibly clever because the name given to the main character shows Pen’s literary “power”. This ability is at Oscar Wilde level on the importance of being called “Frank”.

The truth always emerges. Even if you drown it.

This story is like watching Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. This story is dark, mysterious, intriguing, well written, and if you love this story, it makes you wonder if you are sane or insane for being so excited with the story.

As a personal note, I, humbly, would have only changed one little action from the ending to take the shocking elements to another level. I would have pushedthings” a bit more to leave the readers gagging for air! Regardless of that, I recommend this book heart-fully!

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  1. likeherdingcatsblog Avatar

    Great review. I’ll be checking this one out x

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Awesome to hear!!! It was really good!! n.n hope you get to read it! He has other books if you want tot give them a try before this one xD


      1. likeherdingcatsblog Avatar

        Great thanks for the recommendations

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Satou Johns Avatar

        Sure thing! I am living to share the love!! n.n the other books were reviewed as well. Do you like suspense and thrillers? n.n


      3. likeherdingcatsblog Avatar

        Yes. I read most things

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Satou Johns Avatar

        Then yes, you will enjoy his books Haha I am a huge fan I keep recommending them haha


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