ARC: Hold My Hand by Michael Barakiva

In an agonizing prelude of the inevitable, Michael Barakiva takes us into the love adventures of two teenagers. Heart wrenching but optimistic, a story that overcomes the impossibility of forgiveness even in the most extreme cases. – Inkish Kingdoms

Michael Barakiva is treating the fans of One Man Guy with a sweet and poignant story of the famous couple Alek and Ethan. People around the internet have been talking about the “disgraceful” events that happened on the book and how Barakiva, the author, narrates the story of one of the most intrinsic and menacing events in a relationship: cheating. Sadly, enough in the gay community that is a lingering monster that has attacked us all at some point – if you haven’t, we are happy for you- so denying this and expecting this famous couple to be immune to this monster is a stretch speech.

Going into specifics, Penny, Alek best friend, and how she coaxed him with the speech of second chances and forgiveness to the abominate event seems to be permissive and a decision made with no experience because, again, how much experience does Penny has in relationships? but what if she had told him otherwise? That wouldn’t’ have mattered because, in the end, we so what we want regardless of what others say.

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This sequel conserves the essence of the first book, and we are talking about the Armenian traditions and Michele’s uniqueness of speech. Alek is different from book one and now has a stronger voice than before because he knows who he is and what he wants. We get to see him in more different scenarios embracing and knowing his family better than before. This story is not based on the same scenarios of bullying and self-acceptance, but this is moving towards a more personal and sociological aspect of gender, religion, and politics BUT never EVER forgetting the quirks of the Kedesteian family.

This story keeps its core of the family’s peculiarities and supports above all. Not only Alek is different but also his family since they all evolved in those 6 months that we didn’t get to see, sadly, and it is something I admire from Barakiva and appreciate from this book: it is faithful to its roots but its promise of giving us more didn´t disappoint. This is a light read but memorable, sweet but heart-wrenching. Michael Barakiva is a great author and this book is simply delightful!

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