The Island of Dr. Moreau ― H.G. Wells, ― “I must confess that I lost faith in the sanity of the world”

Reading these kind of books give me a feeling of accomplishment in life… not only because I read another book, another classic, but because it is just so deep and gives such a good image of the fears of the late Victorians. Wells does an amazing job alluding all these fears and problems of the Victorian, and the philosophical statements questioning society makes the reader wonder: are we the animals?d0608-14947632_677249285777312_1415604382546706110_n

The point of humans trying to play the god role and mad scientists have been a present topic on Gothic literature for decades. However, this book crosses almost the Dark Romanticism sphere with the constant implications on how humans have become unattached to nature and the fact that nature always overtakes what humans “destroy,” and those facts are marvelously shown in this novel. Darwin’s theories of evolution open the door to think that humans can deevolute or can go back to the most savage and beastly stage of life. This horrific conception can be taken not as far as going back and change to an “animal” shape, but it explores how humans then, and even now, behave as savages and vicious animals.

After the main character goes back to “civilization,” his “psychosis” is more like a revelation. He opens his eyes and sees all the flaws of humanity. The character is in a constant terror of being attacked by the beast of the island even though he is no longer there, but at this point the reader might wonder how we are constantly assaulted or attacked by these monsters that are the result of this society.

Wells also questions religion through the “fantastic Law” of the islanders since their religion and holy word was imposed by a human playing the god role. This aspect of the book raises questions regarding the validity of any religion as they are human creations.

I had to read this book for a class, but I cannot complain and I cannot be happier with this selection. Great book to read! I will totally recommend it if you want to take a break from all the fantasy and young adult fiction and if you want to get into some high quality reading!

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