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Hold Me Closer Necromancer ― Lish McBride ― “I hated whoever woke me up. Had they come an hour earlier, I would have also hated their families and any household pets.”

Funny? Yes… Scary? Not at all. McBride did a really nice job adapting the typical “scary movie” characters (werewolves, vampires, necromancers, dragons) into “harmless” and fantastic beings. They are not exactly the kind of creatures that would hound you down and eat you – unless that you provoke that need on them. It is impossible not to read this book and laugh loudly at its daily and helarious remarks.12354691

The “About the Author” of this book explains exactly the roots of the story and the author. A fan or lover of zombies and of mythical and mystical creatures would not have created a more accurate or fan friendly book. I think about these creatures, and I think that if they were real I will be intrigued and fascinated with them just like the characters of the book do. I would love to have a were-friend as long as I am not part of their breakfast. I must say this, and I am sorry if I offend someone, but I can picture McBride a bit geeky. And I love it! Just like some of my friends are/were, and of course, just like I am deep inside.

“Hold Me Closer Necromancer” is just too friendly and easy to read. It does not have much inside, and it has this kind of “happy” ending that some people will find aggravating. Why? Because a character cannot stay dead, and I think that if you love a character too much, one does not want to see him/her die. Some people just want to see the world burn to ashes… sad… really sad…

Moving on… the story is well tailored and everything happens with a purpose and nothing happens due to a deux ex machina. Things that we do not know but the author knows do not make it a deux ex machine. I believe it makes it a device of keeping the reader in the dark. One does not just give all the news up front, right? After every meal, we must have a dessert, and after every event on a novel, we must have that little dessert too. The characters are well developed, and they all work to contrast each other, and even though they fall into the stereotypical characters: the don’t-know-shxt character, the bossy and sassy girl, the side-kick-best-friend-of-the-hero character that becomes… (Spoiler — censored), and the newbie that needs some time to fit in and to be loved by all, they are not annoying or vexing characters. In fact, one is able to grow found of them.

Buy it, read it, laugh with it or at it, enjoy, smile, and be happy.

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