Borrowing or lending books: the struggle!

Hello book royalists!

Here I come with a controversial topic! To be honest, I am not sure if this is even a real controversial topic! But, I would like to know your opinion!

Should we lend books to others? Should we borrow books?

I usually don’t lend books because not everybody will take care of the books that I have! Or so I thought because lately, I am not taking much care of them! I am always carrying too many things with me and I just don’t care anymore XD I am so tired of carrying things around… better said, I am so tired of getting out of the house!

Now, I do try to take care of my books! My BF did a book sleeve which is beautiful! but then again it is too big! Speaking of that… I would like a book sleeve… do you have recommendations?? I have seen some on Etsy haha

I don’t give books to anybody… just to closer friends and to my BF, who hasn’t return it. I lend one to a co-worker, and I honestly don’t remember if he gave t back. .-. HERE THE PROBLEM

Now, what about borrowing books?

I don’t know that many people that buy books, and I have so many books already on my shelves… so to start asking for more would be pointless… at this point.

Would I return it? For sure! Would I do so soon? I don’t think so… Would I take care of it? Most likely I swear I will! haha

I have heard an old saying that says: “es tonto el que presta un libro, y mas tonto el que lo devuelve and making a horrible literal translation of this… “it is dumb to lend a book, but it is dumber to return it”

So… what do you think? Would you lend a book? Would you borrow one?

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  1. bookedunicorn Avatar

    I would usually have an extra copy for books i love and i want people to read so i would give that out, i don’t give out my hardbacks or special copies..nope nope and hell naw. i hate borrowing books but if i had to i am extra careful and i treat it like i would my own books. If in the event some accident happens while i am with the book the l would be buying a new book for the person. Books are precious

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      They are precious indeed! And I would give away special editions o.o no no no so I agree with you… I am not sure about having extra copies of the book tho Haha seems expensive Haha I dont borrow books either like I have so many to read already that I own haha


  2. Erik McManus | Breakeven Books Avatar

    I lent the second book in my favourit​e series to someone and they moved away and never gave it back….never again.

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Never ever! I mean that was done on purpose =_= like when they were packing they could have let you know!

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      1. Satou Johns Avatar

        Bad people xD

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  3. Shon @ Books and Bugs Avatar

    Because I do struggle to get my friends to read, if there’s a chance that lending them a book I love will get them to read it, I will for sure let them borrow it! That being said, if it’s a special edition or signed or anything, I’ll probably be a little more selective in who I let borrow it.

    I do get nervous borrowing books from others because while I do take great care with others’ books, accidents happen. Right now I’m borrowing a handful of books from coworkers and I’m SO NERVOUS. But I appreciate the access to the books!

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Sharing the books is sharing the love! and I get it! I exchanged a book with someone and my bf spile a glass of water over the book… but that person I lent my book disappeared… so I am fine haha … I think haha but that is true! I friend of mine wanted to read and I lent him like almost all my books and he takes care of them, but it is not to everybody that I will give them my books. Sign copies and special editions are a no no XD

      Thank you for commenting !! :3

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  4. lilisblissfulpages Avatar

    I used to not lend my books. Heck, I don’t even let anyone, including our Help at home, touch my shelves. I clean them myself even though I’m too lazy to clean other parts of the house. haha. But anyway, lately, I’m suddenly ok with it. I think maturity comes along with it. I only have two dreams in life: to be an author and travel all around the world when I turn 30. I realize I won’t get to carry my books with me ever. So yeah, I’m ok with people borrowing my books now. Except my copy of Six of crows duology and HP. hehe.

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Haha I can imagine Fluffy guarding your books Haha I like your dream work really hard to make it happen!!! And yes, there are certain risks of giving them to people that we know won’t take care of them. Like ok the cover is a bit bend or a scratch here… but a food or beverage? No no pls no xD


  5. Tessa Avatar

    I once lent 3 books to my neighbour and about 4 months later asked if she had read them which she said she had and would drop them off at my house. When I got home there were 3 completely random books at my door step…

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    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      What?????? What is wrong with people? And what did you do? Were they good books at least? You see.. that is why we love faith in humanity…. for that and another bunch of reasons haha

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      1. Tessa Avatar

        Hahaha I gave her the books back and told her what the RIGHT ones were (which she had lost) but she bought me new copies. Safe to say I never lent her another book.

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      2. Satou Johns Avatar

        Well at least you got them back :/ and yes, I wouldn’t have given her any more books to lose haha

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