Editorial Book Review: Drinking the Ocean by O.E.B | Inkish Kingdoms

As I sit to write this review, I come to the realization that I am not as familiar with F/F novels and stories as I should. Yes, I have watched Carol, and I have seen and other novels around there, but this is a subject matter that I don’t usually get into. However, reading this novel changed that. I find this story to be sweet and personal, and left me wanting more.

“what does who we love have to do with anyone else?”

The story starts hard and moves slowly to a revealing ending. In retrospect, I could have seen the ending happening, but I didn’t. I think it has to be with the default thinking that straight is the norm, and the exclusion of the straight people not going through a horrible and torturous process of introducing themselves as part of the LGBTQI+ community: “hi, my name is Satou and I am gay… putting it out there just for you not to think that I was straight…”

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Overdramatic and with the need of making bad decisions, we see how the main character gets entangled with bad influences, blows over proportions family “secrets”, and has to deal alone with society’s prejudices. Fear of being hated, fear of being cast away, full of anger and sorrow when defining who she is are traits that we see on the evaluation of this novel and character.

“How can people expect me to live a life without love just so they don’t have to feel uncomfortable?”

I love these few quotes I got from the story as they have so much weight. The novel is not heavily loaded with politics or speeches, but the small touches made it subtle and classy. Regarding the ending, I see that it has the potential of becoming a ghost for lacking a full closure, and to be honest, I think it was a bit rush; however, the ending is part of the reader’s job and it is up to us to define its meaning, and I feel so comfortable with it. I honestly will keep reading O.E.B titles.

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