(English) El silencio de la ciudad blanca ― Eva García Sáenz ― Why did I miss this for so long?

Before we start mentioning all the wonders about this book, I want to apologize for all of those book worms who don’t speak Spanish because they are missing one of the biggest mysteries and police crime novels that I have read this year or even in my entire life.

All empathy aside, “El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca” is a crime novel set in Vitoria, Spain, where Tacio, a town celebrity twin brother of a policeman, was put behind bars for committing 8 serial killings twenty years ago. But now, in 2016, Tacio is about to be released when the crimes resumed, and here is where the speculation starts.

I have read other mysteries/crime/police titles, and I have been impressed by the imagination of the author. Take for example, “The Naturalist”, that book was incredible, addictive, and kept you going for the insatiable cliff hangers. I try to compare these two books but I can’t… they are both so different but so good in their own niche. “El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca” has a strong metaphorical title because as in all well-written crime stories, this one is based on silence and secrets. The secrets go back to the 70s and the incredible climaxed happened 45 years later, so yes, we have been boiling this brew for decades.

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Now, please don’t be tricked by the description of the book or my words because Eva Garcia while untangling this crime also untangles threads of romance, pagan believes, and high-class hackers that add so much value to the novel. The author built the suspense from page one and started unraveling the complex fabric of an old city into a mind-blowing revelation. This story is clearly well researched and extremely well-executed, and I cannot think about anything that can be improved because even the ending, that had some unresolved business, will hunt our dreams on the next installment of the saga.

The incredible storytelling skills of Eva Garcia pulls the reader around the gothic and suspenseful streets of Vitoria. I could imagine those packed and narrowed labyrinth-like alleyways, and those old European buildings while chasing romances and criminals. All these elements were incredibly well blended with the story and, at no point, were distracting or boring. This guided tour at the hands of this expert made me feel, truthfully, that I was part of the city, and I was eager to discover the criminal before the main characters did.

I had to listen to this book for a book club, and I am so happy because this was an incredible read and the participants couldn’t stop talking about this book. I hope to see this book being translated into other languages because this masterwork cannot stay only for Spanish speakers.


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