“She was extremely smart, and now she was just a mother” ― We Were Mothers ― Katie Sise

Hello, again book royalists!

Another book review overdue! I am just going to say that I love taking notes and pretty much write the review on a note on my phone, it makes it easier at the time to finally translate it here!

I have had this review on the draft for so long so I decided to stop waiting and just go for it! Hope you like what I had to say about this book… even if it was written like 8 months ago XD

“We were mothers” is a novel that moves as fast as love hits you. The raw debut adult novel from Katie Sise makes you wonder what laid inside of the sanctuary we call home and makes you question which secrets your partner can keep hidden in the darkness hollow of their soul. – Inkish Kingdoms

I feel like this book is a lot like “Desperate Housewives” full of house drama and hidden crimes! But I must confess that the whole novel was not what I expected. I was waiting for some Gone Girl level of twisted minds but not even close. This is literally a fast-paced novel that happened over 24 hours! Or a bit more. We deal with regular and sadly household issues such as motherhood, domestic violence, implicit and free of triggers, cheating, and the pressure mothers have coming from every single corner of society. As the novel reaches its climax, the reader encounters some secrets that stayed hidden from our curious eyes.

The whole novel is constructed, too carefully constructed, to trick the reader on thinking that the whole crime and mystery laid “here” while actually, it was somewhere else. It was really well thought! A perfect hoax. Besides this, a few elements, events and characters of the novel, were lightly neglected and could have been omitted without affecting the plot.



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