“If people could handle their self-loathing, customer service would be smoother.” ― YOU ― Caroline Kepnes

Caroline Kepnes writes an appealing and horrifying story of an attractive and lonely book worm man who gets to meet and love in a madly and obsessive way a hot mess of a young woman that is equally disturbed. – Inkish Kingdoms

Tech Summary: Read from February 21, 2019, to March 8, 2019.

Kepnes adventures into the psyche of a young book worm man who works in a bookstore – which sounds appealing, right?- and develops the character little by little, digging dipper and showing more of the disturbed mind of the main character. Kepnes tells you the story of one of the biggest self-destructive and impulsive anti-heroes of all times. “YOU” by itself is an incredible story that was taken already to the streaming platform that is in vogue, Netflix. All that makes this story worth knowing… until the reader submerges into Santino Fontana’s masterful narration. Fontana is not narrating Joe… Fontana is Joe. The intensity in which the story is narrated equals the intensity of the written word and helps the reader to fall fully for the disturbing charms of Joe. We wouldn’t have loved this book as much if it would have been someone else narrating it or if we would have only read the book.

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The characters are well armed with a lunatic package of craziness. Beck a hyper-sexualized woman with boundary and heavy man issues. Beck whose seduction is the only way to communicate and has a clearly narcissistic disorder with predatory tendencies, and Joe a smart but disturbed self-educated man, who deals with the stress of customer service, with an obsessive disorder and fixation, possibly suffering from an intermittent explosive disorder and a clear fatal attraction syndrome. Joe who is surrounded by the greatest and most hyped of authors Stephen King and his stories (ex: Dr. Sleep) and also In the Lake of the Woods by O’Brien who clearly foreshadows the resolution of the first story.

“YOU” is the very first of the dualogy of the adventures, or better said, the crimes of Joe while trying to escape his past, again. I would recommend this book completely but I will recommend even more the audio narration. I am sure it is better to listen to this book than to read it.

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  1. Destiny, MyHoneyReads Avatar

    Sounds like you loved this one! I’ve tired to read it twice via audiobook and I just couldn’t get into it. The show sounds great though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      I loved the audio I think that is one of the best narrations I have ever listed to! I also read it at x1.5 maybe that was why? Haha the show is a bit different though you know the regular jaja what was the name of the narrator you were listening too? n.n


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