1922 by Stephen King ― “And is there Hell, or do we make our own on earth?”

If you all know me, you know that I have a high level of uncertainty when I approach Stephen King’s books. You know I had an extraordinary time with “The Shining” and “Salem’s Lot“, but I demanded to get my time back for what I waste my time listening to “The Outsider“.

Now, I will no longer dwell on the past, ha! so funny, but I will get into this story! I listened to “1922” and the narration was extremely good! And the whole performance of the narrator was incredible. I loved it when stories are narrated from the point of view of the evil ones! Since they make me root for the bad guys Haha

I must “warn” people that this is not a deep big horror story. Although, there are really strong and horrific images that I appreciate for the sake of the story and the alteration of the character’s psyche! Stephen King is so good when swimming in the darkness of the human mind and intentions! I once said and I stand my ground that the most terrifying monsters are human beings. On top of this, Stephen plays this game between the real and the unreal of the story. ***SPOILER*** Is he really being hunted by this vermin? Or is the guilt of the tell-tell heart? ***END OF SPOILER***

I believe that this was inspired by one of Poe’s stories! And the Gables reference was really interesting! But besides this, the story wasn’t much. At some point, I wanted to end and I lost interest. I think maybe I was expecting something more, but I am not sure what. I just didn’t love it as a whole.

So, the kingdom’s council has given this book:

3 coronas

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let'em eat cake

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  1. singerofstories Avatar

    Oh my goodness, you’re so right! Human beings can be/are absolutely terrifying!! I do still like a good ghost story but for sure, humans are capable of horrifying things.
    I’m in the same boat–Stephen King is hit or miss for me. I loved The Shining, but I just haven’t been able to read It. I’m reading The Institute right now and its pretty decent, and I liked 11/22/1963

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Aww thank you so much!! I like to find other people that can see beyond the Mist hahaha get it get it ? Haha I have been reading IT for a while already Haha other books are getting into my backpack when I leave home Haha

      I want to read that one! Is it good so far??? The Shining ❤❤❤❤❤


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