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How many books have your read of the all-time best sellers list?

I remember that once I did a quiz asking how “classic” I was! which pretty much was asking how many classic books I had read… Then, there was this specific bookmark that had the 100 must-read titles before you die! – gloomy- I then remember seen an all-time bestseller list of all times, and I wonder today, how many have I read so far?

I wish I have all of them! Or that I read all the titles on the challenges that Buzzfeed gives and so! Even obey the little bookmark, but the reality is: time and adulting do not help! So, here is the list of the top best-selling books according to Business Insider and which ones I have read!

#1: Fifty Shades of Grey Saga!

I honestly can live without reading this one! It has never called my attention and I have read so many things about it that will still make me not wanting to read them XD

Read? NO

#2: The Hunger Games Saga!

I have read these titles only once! But a fellow blogger gifted me the 10-year anniversary edition and I am intending to read them all over again! And now that there is another book coming, I am so rereading them again!

Read? YES

#3 Gone Girl!

I mean how not to? I remember I bought this one when I was in the UK on a trip! I loved the book so much and it has been my favorite thriller/mystery since I read it! I even got to talk about it at college! This is a must-read and happily I have read it!

Read? YES

#4: The Help!

I watched the movie! and I said that I had to read the book although it was done a few months ago that I watched it. I have tried to purchase the book but never got the package… you know… international blogger with international shipping problems.

Read? NO

#5: The Fault in Our Stars

Until the beginning of the year, this was a NO… not because I didn’t want to but mainly because I never felt like reading it. My BF loves this book and he reread it a few months before I actually read it and told me that I had to! And being honest, I like it very much!

Read? YES

#6: The Girl on the Train

I haven’t… and I don’t know why. I know this came out a bit after Gone Girl and it was a hit right away! but I haven’t actually gotten next to buy it! But I do want to read it! It must be good if people loved it that much… right?

Read? NO

#7: Divergent

I love the Divergent series and I feel this is quite an unpopular opinion haha I enjoyed the tree books, the characters (not Four), and the ending of the titles! I agree that the last book was a bit slow but that was because of Four… but besides that, I love the whole conclusion!

Read? YES

#8: Harry Potter

I mean… I had to! I couldn’t stay in the dark for more years! I got the whole box set for $35 on BookOutlet! We were meant to be together! I loved the stories! They had so much deep and such a rich world. I am sorry that the movies weren’t able to cover as much of the fantastic universe of Harry Potter.

Read? YES

#9: Unbroken

This is the first time I see this book and didn’t know it had a movie… so I guess that answers if I have read this one or not XD

Read? NO

#10: Wonder

I know there is a movie, and I know there is a book, this is not like the last book option here… but I don’t know it has never ever called me. I am not interested in reading it.

Read? NO

#11: Game Of Thrones

I mean after years of free marking, millions of memes, hype for Sunday nights and all that… I had to succumb to get to read the books. I have only read the first one… yet! but I am planning this year to get to book 2!

Read? YES

#12: The Husband’s Secret

Well… no… I haven’t and I don’t think I will… Not even Big Little Lies…

Read? NO

#12: Heaven is for Real

This is the first time I see this book and didn’t know it had a movie… so I guess that answers if I have read this one or not XD *deja vu*

Read? NO

#13: The Great Gatsby

Yes! and Yes! I hated it the first time I read it! but the second time like 8 years later haha I loved it! I enjoyed it so much. I love the 1920’s feeling, the setting, the difficulties and the hypocrisy of society! Oh, such a powerful story! There is a signed 1934 edition of this book worth $34.000… and I am thinking about it XD

Read? YES

The list included some books of the saga but I included all! I didn’t include self-development either haha

Have you read any of these ones? Which ones are you missing? Which ones are you so not going to read?

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

โ€œFind your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let goโ€

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD

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      1. Yup! I’m the generation that read Harry potter as they came out so was grown up by the time The Hunger Games came out… And just never got around to reading them since.

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