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“Heads Will Roll” ― Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne ― When an audiobook is gruesomely exhilarating!

In a medieval era, Mortuana the queen of the Night Ream encounters a fearful episode on her beheading ruling: the thread of dethroning the monarchy and placing instead popular elections. In her struggle to keep her kingdom together and her “almighty” power as a queen, Mortuna together with her cursed raven Jojo ships into a 10-chapter journey of self-discovery full of mockery, overtone jokes, and absurd events.

For all those fans of “Des-enchanted” and SNL, comes the incredible performance of Kate Mckinnon on her first audiobook “Heads Will Roll”. Highly irreverent and impossible not to recommend, and if you won’t recommend it, then off with your head!

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There is a certain appeal to the absurd and the nonsensical elements in writing, TV shows, and audiobooks. I am excited to see that Audible has hopped on the wagon of this genre with this Audible Original. As I listened and laughed out loud regardless of my location, I couldn’t stop thinking about how absurd this title is. I cannot help but relate this narration to the absurdist fiction genre since they share the elements of satire, dark humor, and incongruity. The story is written only with one purpose: make fun of any element of general and popular culture for the sake of questioning what we are doing or how we will react to certain events in our lives.

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“Heads Will Roll” is highly satirical and extremely hilarious which made this book a hit. Kate Mckinnon makes fun and entertains the audience with uncensored dark humor and satirical comments.  Some of the “victims” that are worth mentioning are the beloved “Cather in the Rye”, the “Queer Eye” cast, and the few fiascos of the director Night Shyamalan. Besides the special effects, this audiobook is a masterpiece in audio production for its incredible cast that had your head rolling with laughter. From Kate Mckinnon’s incredible performance and the wonderful Emily Lynne, we have the breathtaking performance of Meryl Streep, the Fab 5, and Bod the Drag Queen, season 8 winner of RuPaul Drag Race. This title was an incredible ride of humor, expectancy, and I loved how irreverent it is.

I hope to see more audiobooks like this, and I will be thrilled to follow Mckinnon’s career as an audio performer!

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